Police close two Chelsea clubs after violence and drug arrests

The New York Police Department’s legal bureau secured a court order last week and closed two West Chelsea clubs with a combined capacity of 3,665 patrons on Friday night Jan. 6 under the city’s Nuisance Abatement Law.

Crobar, at 530 W. 28th St. — along with its adjacent satellite club, Pink Elephant, at the same address — where a total of 3,000 revelers can party at the same time, was the first target of police who were armed with the order signed by State Supreme Court Justice Louis B. York.

An hour later, police went to Sol, the club at 609 W. 29th St., with a capacity for 665 patrons, with the justice’s order and ushered employees and patrons out.

Captain Stephen Hughes, commander of the 10th Precinct, said Crobar was closed because in the past year it had 15 narcotics violations and 22 State Liquor Authority violations.

“There were nine violent incidents — in July two women were shot in the leg inside the club,” said Hughes.

Sol had seven narcotics violations that resulted in eight arrests during the past year, according to Hughes. The club was also cited for two S.L.A. violations and for having too few security guards on the premises, Hughes said.

Attorney Robert Bookman, representing the two clubs and the New York Nightlife Association, said Crobar and Sol owners are talking to police about when and under what conditions they may reopen.

Lawyers for the owners and N.Y.P.D. attorneys are to appear before Justice York Wed., Jan. 10, to determine if and when the clubs may reopen.

Albert Amateau