New York Sen. Chuck Schumer mocked President Donald Trump on Monday with a video parodying his Cabinet meeting.

During the meeting, each member took a turn thanking and complimenting the president. 

Vice President Mike Pence began the praise, saying, “The greatest privilege of my life is to serve as vice president to the president who’s keeping his word to the American people.”

“We thank you for the opportunity and the blessing to serve your agenda,” Chief of Staff Reince Priebus said.

Seeming to comment on how unusual the meeting was, Schumer posted a video to Twitter of his staff sitting around a table and complimenting him on his hair and how he did on Sunday talk shows. 

One staff member repeated Priebus’ quote word for word before the room broke out laughing.

The strange Cabinet meeting comes amid a number of setbacks for the administration.

The same day, a second appeals court ruled against the president’s travel ban, and just the week before, former FBI director James Comey accused Trump of lying about why he fired him.