Trump held his first news conference since July at Trump Tower in midtown on Wednesday. During the conference, he slammed "fake news" reports which stated Russian operatives claimed to have compromising information on him.

See how celebrities reacted to what the president-elect had to say.

Sophia Bush

"Our President Elect just ended a press conference with a reality tv show catchphrase. God help us all. #Resist," Sophia Bush tweeted. (Credit: Getty Images )

Stephen King

"Goodness, that was a train wreck," Stephen King tweeted. (Credit: Getty Images)

Piers Morgan

"Love this press conference. Trump's playing the media like a virtuoso conductor & many of them deserve it," Piers Morgan tweeted. (Credit: Getty Images / Chris Jackson)



Lilly Allen

"Come on people we cannot just sit back and watch this happen. The man has nothing but contempt for his country and everything it stood for," Lilly Allen tweeted. (Credit: Getty Images )

Josh Groban

"Welp, sounds like Trump's press conference was mature and dignified and calmed the nerves of a unified and grateful nation. NOT!" Josh Groban tweeted. (Credit: Getty Images / Justin Sullivan)

Seth MacFarlane

"The "anti-Hollywood" candidate ended his press conference with his TV CATCHPHRASE. So if I'm ever Pres, I get to end with "What the deuce"?" Seth MacFarlane tweeted. (Credit: Getty Images )

Judd Apatow

"Trump is batshit crazy. He is out of fiction. But this is real and soon he will be able to take actions which effect us. @ACLU donate," Judd Apatow tweeted. (Credit: Getty Images )

Sarah Silverman

"He wants us to know he is vindictive & it's working well4 him. Astonishing the people who r known 4 speaking out NOT speaking out. Crushing," Sarah Silverman tweeted. (Credit: Getty Images )



George Takei

"Everyone take a deep breath," George Takei tweeted. (Credit: Getty Images )

Jesse Tyler Ferguson

"This trump press conference feel more like a mandatory school assembly than a press conference. Now Mrs Dillon will talk about businesses," Jesse Tyler Ferguson tweeted. (Credit: Getty Images)