Praise for The Villager

Villager photo by J.B. Nicholas

From Jason B. Nicholas’s first-place-winning Spots News Photos entry on protesters at the 2008 Republican National Convention.

‘Impressive combination of in-depth research, deft interviewing, clear and compelling writing.’

‘Reads like a condensed biography with details that bring realism to the life of the deceased, especially their childhood.’

‘Excellent photos of anarchists running wild at R.N.C. Photos filled with energy and motion. Well done!’

‘A very thorough collection of stories covering both local and national politics.’

‘Fun, energetic, snappy headlines… . Ed Koch reviewing film — beautiful :)’

‘Personal and profound. Well-constructed columns that readers must find interesting.’

Comments from judges of the New York Press Association’s 2008 Better Newspaper Contest, in which The Villager won 11 awards