President Barack Obama endorses Hillary Clinton: ‘I’m with her’

President Barack Obama is with her.

Obama endorsed Hillary Clinton in a video posted Thursday on the presumptive Democratic nominee’s YouTube page.

The president congratulated Clinton on making history as the presumptive nominee for the Democratic Party.

“Look, I know how hard this job can be — that’s why I know Hillary will be so good at it,” he said. “In fact, I don’t think there’s ever been someone so qualified to hold this office. She’s got the courage, the compassion and the heart to get the job done.”

Obama recalled the time that Clinton spent serving as secretary of state during his administration after she lost the 2008 Democratic primary to the then-senator from Illinois. He explained that he’s seen Clinton’s determination, toughness and commitment to American values up close.

“I want those of you who’ve been with me from the beginning of this incredible journey to be the first to know that I’m with her, I am fired up and I cannot wait to get out there and campaign for Hillary.”

Obama also praised Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders for running “an incredible campaign.”

Sanders met with Obama at the White House earlier on Thursday. Sanders said he would work with Clinton to defeat Donald Trump, but that he wouldn’t drop out of the race before the final primary on June 14.