A Queens dog has more than just his age to celebrate on March 23, when he turns 2.

Duke, a beagle, was rescued from an apartment fire that broke out early Tuesday morning while he was home alone. And thanks to his rescuers, he will most likely be celebrating his birthday in good health.

"He is currently receiving emergency oxygen to counteract the carbon monoxide he inhaled, but he's doing well and is more than likely going to be discharged in the next day or so," said Carrie O'Brion, spokeswoman for BluePearl Veterinary Partners Hospital, where Duke is currently being treated.

When firefighters rescued Duke from the appartment he was nearly unrecognizable, with soot covering his white coat, O'Brion said.

Unable to immediately locate Duke's owners, firefighters brought him to the New York Police Department's animal abuse investigators.

"The reason [the case] was transferred to animal abuse officers was due to a misunderstanding," O'Brion said. "There's no allegations against the owners."

NYPD's Det. Tara Cuccias and her partner, Marique Monzert, rushed Duke to BluePearl Veterinary Partners Hospital, a Forest Hills-based medical center providing 24-hour emergency veterinary care.

According to Dr. David Wohlstadler, an emergency veterinarian with BluePearl, Duke, who is in intensive care, has no visible burns and is responding well to treatment.

To help cover the cost of Duke's medical bills, which BluePearl estimates to be about $6,000, Frankie's Friends, a pet charity website, has set up an online fund where animal lovers can contribute.