Richard Emery, CCRB chair, quits amid controversy

The NYPD has the final say on all disciplinary actions against officers.

The chair of the Civilian Complaint Review Board resigned Wednesday, amid controversy over statements that he’s made.

Richard Emery has been accused of making misogynistic comments about another CCRB member and dismissing criticism from police unions as “squealing like a stuck pig,” according to reports.

“After a lengthy substantive discussion with the Mayor, he and I agree that the confluence of recent circumstances will preclude me from further fulfilling my goals as Chair of the Civilian Complaint Review Board,” Emery said in a statement on Wednesday. “The issues of inhibitions on my law practice, several of my recent public statements and recent litigation have created daily distractions from the success of the CCRB.”

Emery was appointed to the board, which reviews complaints against police officers and recommends discipline to the NYPD, in July 2014 by Mayor Bill de Blasio. During his tenure, the CCRB published a chokehold report following the apparent chokehold death of Eric Garner by police in Staten Island.

The NYPD has the final say on all disciplinary actions against officers.

“My hope had been to consolidate these changes and create an institutional imperative for the future of the CCRB and the NYPD,” he said. “Regrettably, that has become far more difficult than the CCRB’s initial success because of current strife within the Agency.

“As a result, quite simply, too much of my time and energy is being misdirected on matters tangential to the long-term best interests of the Agency and too much time has been taken from my law firm, its staff and my private life,” Emery added.

De Blasio on Wednesday thanked Emery for his service to the board and named board member Deborah Archer as the acting chair.

“Over the past two years, the CCRB has resolved cases much more quickly and efficiently, and I am thankful to Richard and the entire CCRB staff for their dedication to this effort,” de Blasio said in a statement.

The CCRB’s monthly meeting, which was scheduled for Wednesday night, was cancelled.

Alison Fox