Sen. Charles Schumer warns Halloween makeup has some scary additives

Sen. Charles Schumer said Sunday one of the scariest things about Halloween is actually the costume makeup, which can contain dangerous heavy metals.

Schumer said parents should beware of any Halloween product that is made in China, as all of the makeups tested had at least one dangerous chemical in them, like lead or nickel. He also urged the Food and Drug Administration to test the products as well as require companies to provide a full list of their ingredients.

“Right now, it’s not illegal what they’re doing,” he said. “We are slower than most other countries in banning bad chemicals.”

Schumer said Canada and the European Union have already banned these chemicals, which can appear in anything from face makeup to glitter. The effects of the chemicals, which build up in the body over time, could potentially include vomiting and stomach pain, with prolonged exposure leading to nervous system conditions.

“In testing … 100% of the Chinese imports had one of the bad substances in it. So the best thing consumers can do is avoid anything made in China,” Schumer said. “We’re asking the FDA at the very minimum insist on labeling.”

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