Silver Spurs waiter slashed, Dominicio Howington charged in attack, cops say

A Manhattan teenager has been charged with assault in the slashing of a waiter at a Greenwich Village restaurant.

Dominicio Howington, 16, was charged with first-degree assault and criminal possession of a weapon in the alleged attack at Silver Spurs last Wednesday night. Cops said that a tip led to his arrest.

Police said Howington entered the restaurant around 8 p.m., where he began harassing patrons and asking for donations for a basketball team. The 25-year-old male waiter asked the suspect to leave and he did, but not before telling the waiter that he’d be back, police said.

The suspect returned between five and 10 minutes later and approached the waiter, who again asked him to leave, according to police. When the two arrived at the restaurant’s vestibule, the suspect slashed the victim in the face and then fled on foot.

The waiter was taken to Bellevue Hospital Center, where he got 120 stitches in the left side of his face. He has since been released from the hospital, police said.