Spectrum complaints prompt cable survey by Councilman Rafael Espinal Jr.

The online survey will help publicize the fight against Spectrum, Rafael Espinal Jr. says.

A Brooklyn city councilman has set out to improve Spectrum service, one complaint at a time.

The Council’s Consumer Affairs chairman, Rafael Espinal Jr., launched an online survey about cable and internet providers at the domain, fixmycablenow.com. Although the survey seeks feedback on all providers, Espinal said he is specifically targeting Spectrum.

Espinal’s office said it will cull data from the survey, share consumer comments and publicly call on internet service providers and cable companies to improve commonly cited concerns. The councilman said he expected Spectrum to be a frequent offender, given that the state has been demanding that the company improve its service in parts of the city.

“It’s no secret that what we are seeing play out is Spectrum, across the state, hasn’t lived up to its commitments,” Espinal said.

A spokesman for Spectrum said the company already responds to customer feedback at its call center and on social media.

“Our 11,000 New York-based employees are here to provide great service anytime a Spectrum customer has a question or concern,” the spokesman said in a statement.

Last month, the state’s Public Service Commission said the telecommunications company violated the terms of an agreement it made with the state in 2016, when Spectrum acquired Time Warner Cable. The state specifically cited Spectrum’s failure to expand high-speed cable, internet and phone coverage to all New York customers. The commission ordered Spectrum to find a replacement internet and cable provider within 60 days and announced new fines, which would bring the total penalties Spectrum faces up to $3 million.

When asked, the Spectrum spokesman did not indicate whether the company has paid the fines or identified a replacement provider.

“We are hopeful we can work this out, but believe we are in a strong legal position to defend ourselves against these actions,” the spokesman said in a statement.

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