SPONSORED: New app makes laundry & dry-cleaning effortless for New Yorkers

Sudzy - Article DowntownExpress (2)Each morning, Michelle Juo looks forward to arriving to the laundromat she opened in Lower Manhattan six years ago. Michelle beams as she recounts, “It has been amazing to be so welcomed by this community. The East Village is a true home to my family.”

What Michelle knows, though, is that competition is growing. A major part of her business is pickup and delivery, taking laundry from and back to the customer’s door. But in recent years several corporations have promoted a laundry pickup and delivery service. The truth is, they take the clothing out of the neighborhoods to factories that care little about quality. Most local laundromats’ business is hurting because they lack the technology to compete.

“After talking with cleaners, we built a technology where laundromats can offer their customers the convenience of on-demand for the first time.” That’s Hilary Barr, Chief Operations Officer of Sudzy (www.GetSudzy.com), based in lower Manhattan. “With Sudzy, customers are guaranteed the high quality that only comes with local businesses.”

The Sudzy app lets you sign up – and from then on all it takes is a press of a button on your smartphone or desktop to place an order from a local cleaner. Pickup and delivery are free and the partnership with local laundries keeps the prices the same as if you took the clothing there yourself.

Download the app or register here.

Customers, who are already used to on-demand services like GrubHub and Uber, have been extremely pleased with their new laundry habit. The most common response is that Sudzy is convenient for their lifestyle. It also removes the need to carry heavy bags through the streets in addition to saving you many hours every week.

Michelle shared, “Seeing the way the Sudzy app speeds customer orders and service makes me more hopeful than ever that local laundromats will continue to exist.”

Save $10 on your first online laundry & drycleaning order from local cleaners like Michelle’s with promo code F8CE6M66 at www.GetSudzy.com. Contact support@sudzy.co with any questions.


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