Spray it, don’t say it; Fire Department floats new boat


On Sat., Nov. 13, in the harbor near the Statue of Liberty, the Fire Department welcomed its new fireboat, Firefighter II, below, to the fleet with an impressive display of water-cannon prowess. The new vessel replaces the vintage Firefighter. It’s the twin of the fleet’s other recent addition, the Three Forty Three, named for the number of firefighters who died in the World Trade Center on 9/11. Among the fireboats joining in the water-shooting salute was the retired John J. Harvey, which moors at the Hudson River Park’s Pier 66 in Chelsea — and which was a hero of 9/11. Afterward, the fleet motored to outside Battery Park City’s North Cove marina, near the W.T.C., where there was a pause for a moment of silence.