State GOP sends Red Bull to de Blasio after late arrival to memorial

The mayor said he had a “very rough night, and woke up sluggish.”

The New York GOP took an early morning shot at Bill de Blasio Thursday after his embarrassing late arrival to the Flight 587 memorial.

The group sent the mayor two cans of Red Bull with a letter that read “We hope these cans of sugar free Red Bull will help you cut through the ‘fog’ after a rough night’s sleep.”

On Wednesday de Blasio arrived late to the annual memorial service in Belle Harbor and first said that he was delayed due to fog that slowed down his commute via boat but later in the day clarified that he had a “very rough night, and woke up sluggish.”

By the time de Blasio arrived — about 20 minutes late — a bell had already tolled and a moment of silence was observed at 9:16 a.m. to honor the moment 260 people aboard and five people on the ground died.

Several of the attendees of the service were upset about the mayor’s tardiness, and New York GOP spokesman David Laska said the mayor should have been more organized.

“We get it – we all feel a little sluggish sometimes,” he said a statement. “But there are ways of overcoming that: a little coffee or an energy drink can go a long way.”

De Blasio’s office didn’t immediately return messages for comment about the Thursday morning Red Bull delivery.

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