Econ experts warn against fear over stock market woes

Just because the stock market’s been taking a dive, it doesn’t mean people should be rushing to sell, according to economic experts.

The Dow’s 588.40-point drop Monday wasn’t surprising given the economic turmoil in China, said Diane Coogan-Pushner, the director of Queens College’s Graduate Program in Risk Management.

“The stock market reflects what people think [and] feel,” she said. “A lot of that volatility is a reflection of the worry of economy growth globally.”

Yanni Tournas, an economist who teaches at Borough of Manhattan Community College, said there aren’t any indications that the stock market is heading toward long-term problems.

In fact, he said now is a great time to have your money invested because it will result in larger growth in the near future.

“I would expect after the adjustments take place, long-term investments will be fine,” Tournas said.

Some New Yorkers said they aren’t too concerned about the state of the economy.

Naomi Anhorn, a performing artist from the Upper West Side, said the stock market has fluctuated in the past and its future is always unpredictable

“It might be too soon to really worry,” the 29-year-old said.

Daniel Ostrich, 54, an architect from Greenwich Village, said he has some concern about the volatility of the market, but acknowledged there is little anyone can do to control the laws of economics.

“You just have to ride the wave and trust in the long term,” he said.