Storefront helps online vendors find retail spaces

The company’s site aims to make it easy to find places to sell goods.

For artists and other creative online retailers, the task of finding a physical retail space to sell goods in can be daunting.

Storefront, a listings website that launched June 10 in New York City, takes the edge off by connecting online vendors to physical retail space. Since its launch here, the site has helped more than 300 vendors find retail spaces in New York City.

Those looking for retail space can create a Storefront account, search the site for potential venues and then contact the appropriate parties.

Storefront has hosted thousands of listings in San Francisco, New York City and Los Angeles. Its merchants have produced more than $40 million in total sales across those three cities.

The website also offers free insurance through their site to help cut down on a merchant’s expenses.

Storefront’s COO Tristan Pollock, 27, and CEO Erik Eliason, 28, are long-time business partners from Minnesota’s “Twin Cities.” They co-founded the site in 2013.

“[Storefront is about] empowering the creative class or maker movement,” Pollock said. “Many are passionate about what they do — we’re helping people grow their passions correctly.”

Pollock and Eliason plan to launch the site in other major cities across the country.

As of now, it now facilitates a new pop-up shop every 12 hours in New York.

Recently, Betina Ocampo, 24, rented out 11 Kenmare St. through Storefront on June 18th and 19th to promote her luxury T-shirt line, Betina.

“It’s great that Storefront is giving a lot of designers a chance to open up shops,” said Ocampo, who lives in NoLIta. “I’m glad we are able to do this because of them.”

Betina’s project manager Jennifer Gonzalez, 25, organized the process through Storefront. The company paid $350 per day for the space.

Ocampo and her team said they would use the website again.

“Storefront is really quick,” she said. “They made it super seamless.”

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