With an eye toward New York's creative class, the Transit Museum is planning a new series where you can sing a song about the subway or even dance about architecture.

The Transit Museum has been taking proposals up to noon Tuesday for its PLATFORM series, the first of which is slated for April 10. As of yesterday morning, 24 proposals had been submitted.

Julia Malta-Weingard, producer for public programs at the museum, said the goal of the series is to open the space to cross-disciplinary creative performances and discussions, instead of talks on fare collection in the subway or Superstorm Sandy work -- "things that are more traditionally associated with the MTA," Malta-Weingard said.

"We realized that one particular group we haven't connected with very much was this creative audience," she said.

The Transit Museum had received requests from the artistically inclined to use its space, in an old subway station at Boerum Place and Schermerhorn Street. Museum workers' interest in interdisciplinary programs was the inspiration for the PLATFORM series.

"Our own staff was interested in seeing the gamut of what we could find," Malta-Weingard said.

The Transit Museum reached out to groups like the Brooklyn Arts Council and Transportation Alternatives for submissions.

Jack Feldstein, a 43-year-old animator and filmmaker living in Jackson Heights, proposed a neon animation of actual subway footage in the public domain to a reading of Walt Whitman's poem, "Mannahatta."

"The transport of New York is so integral and such a vital and inextricable part of the city," said Feldstein, "that to make art about it or in it or around it or anything to do with it, really captures quintessential New York."