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New York ranks 23rd in strict states for speeding and reckless driving, report says

The report from WalletHub took into account each

The report from WalletHub took into account each state's speeding laws, types of speed limits, mandatory fines and jail time to determine the most strict and lenient states, with 1 being the most strict and 51 being the most lenient. Photo Credit: WalletHub

When it comes to enforcing laws against speeding and reckless driving, New York is tough with rules and regulations against speeding, but lacking when it comes to penalties for reckless drivers.

A recently released report from WalletHub says that New York is No. 6 for speeding laws and rules like automatic speed cameras and additional costs to insurance, but for reckless driving penalties like jail time and fines, New York comes in at No. 41, according to the report by the online comparison shopper.

Overall, New York is No. 23 in the study, which looked at laws and regulations across all 50 states and Washington D.C. The No. 1 overall state was Colorado, which had a speed enforcement rank of 2 and a reckless penalties rank of 10. The most lenient state was Texas, with an overall rank of 51, speed enforcement rank of 45 and reckless penalties rank of 50.

The study used seven factors for each state's speeding rank, including types of speed limit, average insurance cost increases after a ticket, laws against highway racing, automatic speed cameras, additional aggressive driving penalties, how much tickets count towards suspension, and if speeding is automatically considered reckless driving. The reckless driving rank took into account mandatory license suspension and minimum or maximum jail times and fines.

In New York, a reckless driving ticket is a misdemeanor, with a conviction potentially giving a driver a criminal record, according to state code. Conviction on the ticket carries five points.

New York considers speeding reckless driving when a driver exceeds 30 miles per hour, falling into 49 percent of states that have an automatic citation for reckless driving when speeding.

The state also falls into 29 percent of states that have automatic speed cameras, WalletHub says. New York also has laws prohibiting racing on highways, but does not have additional penalties for aggressive driving.

The average increase in cost of insurance after one speeding ticket in New York is 12 percent, according to the report. One speeding tickets counts 36 percent toward a suspension.

With reckless driving tickets, New York does not have license suspension or minimum jail time for first offenses, unlike Washington D.C. which gives out six month license suspensions and Massachusetts which has 14 days minimum jail time for a first offense.

New York's minimum fine for a first reckless driving offense is $300 and $525 for a second offense.


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