The city’s health department announced Monday it has discovered West Nile virus in city mosquitoes.

Officials found the virus in mosquitoes that were located in Prince’s Bay in Staten Island June 12, according to Health Commissioner Mary Bassett. Although there have been no reported human West Nile cases, Bassett urged New Yorkers to take precautions during the summer.

“New Yorkers can help us keep the mosquito population at a minimum by removing standing water from items like buckets, gutters, planters, or any other containers that might be outdoors,” she said in a statement.

The virus can cause serious complications, such as neurological diseases, and can also cause “a milder flu-like illness with headache, fever and fatigue, weakness and sometimes rash,” according to the Health Department.

The city said it will conduct measures to kill mosquito larvae throughout the summer including applying larvicide to standing water and marshlands.