Why do so many Manhattan residents install intercom systems in their homes?

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BY ALEXANDRA NEUMAN | More than 18,000 burglaries occur annually in the New York metro-area alone, making smart home technologies essential for securing a home or office. Using devices such as video intercom systems, closed-circuit television security cameras, home alarms, and smart home automation, any space can be monitored both on-site and remotely from a smartphone. DTV Installations specializes in making smart-home technologies accessible and affordable, offering comprehensive installation services for any client in the tri-state area.

Intercom-System-in-Manhattan,-NY-by-DTV-InstallationsEach DTV Installations project begins with a free in-home consultation. Clients are given advice and estimates as they determine which systems will work best for their space and budget. When deciding which intercom system to install, for example, clients consider a range of products from traditional audio to video touch screen, wired or wireless intercoms, each with a variety of styles and models to suit the décor of the home and to best facilitate seamless communication between the occupants of a household.

As an authorized dealer and factory-trained installer for each of its products and services, DTV saves its clients’ time and money by avoiding outside purchasing, delivering, or contracting, sourcing their intercoms from brands such as SSS Siedle, A-Phone and Comelit regular audio and video intercom.

“We’ll deliver the equipment for less cost than store delivery, and we can deliver the same day as the installation,” says owner and installer John Lysy. DTV is an authorized dealer of products from all major audio and video brands, including Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, and Sharp.

Once a video intercom systems installation is underway, DTV makes sure to keep the surrounding space in perfect condition.

“We treat our customers’ homes like we would treat our own homes,” says Lysy. “We will protect all the floors and furniture and we wear gloves and booties in the homes so that after we finish a job it’s like we’ve never been there.”

Many clients are worried about re-wiring an already finished home, but DTV’s goal is to integrate all components of the product into the home during installation and make it appear exactly as it did before.

Intercom-System-in-Manhattan,-NY-by-DTV-Installations-4Whether installing intercom security system, CCTV cameras, central vacuum cleaners, home alarms, home audio systems, home theaters, motorized shading systems, smart home automation, or programming a universal remote control, DTV will streamline the entire transaction and leave no scratches behind upon finishing a project. DTV’s understanding that “all homes are different” allows its technicians to tailor projects specifically to clients’ needs. Clients with existing media centers or security devices can even use DTV to integrate their technologies into one centrally controlled smart home system.

DTV Installations has been servicing the tri-state area since 2007. Its installed products and the installation itself are each under one-year warrantee upon a project’s completion. The company has more than $2 million in liability insurance, allowing it to work in a wide variety of commercial and residential spaces. For larger projects costing $10,000 or more, DTV offers a 5% discount on the total price of installation.

For more information or a free estimate, contact DTV Installations at (888) 428-3330 or visit www.dtv-installations.com.

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