A coalition of Brooklynites are appealing to city government to formulate a more emphatic environmental and public health response to fires in the wake of in the wake of a seven-alarm blaze that devoured a Williamsburg warehouse this weekend.

The petition on change.org calls on the city to investigate and evaluate its response to the latest blaze as well as the fire's effects on the environment and workers and residents.

Petitioners also want an "emergency ambient air monitoring program" for commercial and industrial fires, more environmental analysis, and for the city to release environmental sampling data from three recent fires in North Brooklyn.

"It took the city's health department over 15 hours after the fire began to issue a public health advisory," warning North Brooklynites to close their windows and stay inside, which is "unacceptable," according to the petition, which was posted by Emily Gallagher.

"There is no immediate health risk to the residents," said a statement issued by the city's health department.

The city always issues advisories when air pollution rises above typical levels, but "any time there is a fire, local air quality is temporarily affected." An extensive array of air monitors captured the "spike in particulates" that resolved after several hours, though the health department continues to advise that people "minimize their exposure to any lingering smoke," said the statement.