Wonder Woman anniversary: Meet NYC’s real-life heroes who are making a difference

Wonder Woman, who has battled Nazis and terrorists, organized a union and run for president, celebrates her 75th anniversary Friday. She has been rewarded with her image on a postage stamp and her appointment as the United Nations ambassador for women and girls.

New York City has its own wonder women who battle to improve the lot of others and to make our city a fairer, kinder and happier place. They are volunteers who, despite grueling schedules and responsibilities, spend their free time helping others.

While women are more likely than men to volunteer, volunteerism is declining nationwide, with civic engagement in particularly dire straits in NYC. According to a 2014 survey by the Corporation for National and Community Service, only 17.6% of city residents volunteer, placing us at number 49 of the nation’s 51 largest cities in volunteer rates.

Here are some of the wonder women of NYC, who are defying the trends:

Sheila Anne Feeney