World’s Fair festival will feature original Batmobile, Mrs. Met, and videophone on Sunday

The festival celebrates the anniversaries of the World’s Fairs that opened in 1939 and 1964.

It isn’t a party unless you bring the Batmobile.

The original car from the 1960s hit TV show will be on display at Flushing Meadows Corona Park on Sunday as Queens celebrates the 75th and 50th anniversaries of the two World’s Fairs that were held in 1939 and 1964.

The one-day festival will feature memorabilia, including the original videophone that wowed visitors at the 1964 fair, roving magicians, tours of the New York State Pavilion featured in the “Men in Black” film and Belgian waffles.

Even Mrs. Met is making a rare appearance to celebrate the fairs that brought the world to Queens.

It’s also an opportunity for visitors to learn about the history of the fairs.  

AT&T will be showing the original videophone known as the Picturephone that was introduced at the fair in 1964 alongside newer technologies.

Unfortunately, visitors won’t be able to make calls on it: the technology that allowed it to magically transmit video images of callers no longer exists.

However, visitors will be able to see how it worked. 

The free festival begins at 1 p.m., and culminates with 10 minutes of fireworks and concerts by a Beatles tribute band and the Queens Symphony Orchestra beginning at 5:30 p.m.

Cristian Salazar