Yogurt the official state snack? New Yorkers weigh in.

New York does have active culture, after all.

Perhaps endorsing New York’s active culture, the state senate this week approved yogurt as the official state snack.

Hungry city residents, however, are split as to whether the treat deserves the title.

“I hate yogurt,” said Kate Scurfield, 25, of Harlem. Yogurt is boring, Scurfield added, and she’d prefer a pretzel or hot dog become the state snack.

But not everyone is critical of the nutritious food.

“It’s a popular snack right now,” said Ryan Lai, 26, of Queens. “I like the idea; it’s healthy.”

Sen. Michael Ranznehofer (R-Amherst), who introduced the bill, cited yogurt as a source of protein, calcium, vitamin B-12, potassium and magnesium.

“I like yogurt, I have it as a snack,” 26-year-old Jasmine Rodriguez said while in line at a halal cart in midtown. “Why not?”

Brooklynite Patricia Adams also endorsed the idea. “I eat it all the time, almost everyday,” she said.

While some New Yorkers are polarized when it comes to the breakfast bacteria, others are unfazed or simply amused by the debate. Jamie Niederman, 25, chuckled, “I don’t know how I feel about yogurt.”

The state Assembly must also approve the state snack designation.