Ever since Mayor Rudy Giuliani left office in 2001, NYPD Confidential has wondered whether his final destination would be the White House or an insane asylum. His latest pronouncement that President Barack Obama does not love this country suggests he's heading toward the latter.

The remarks indicate Giuliani can't control his excesses, also a problem when he was mayor.

Don't be angry at Giuliani. Pity him because of how he was brought up. As journalist Wayne Barrett has documented, Giuliani's father, Harold, was a leg-breaker for the mob who spent years in prison. One can only imagine the terror young Rudy faced growing up in these circumstances.

Then there is Bernard Bailey Kerik, Giuliani's former driver and police commissioner. Kerik spent more than three years in federal prison for tax fraud and lying to the White House while under consideration for Homeland Security chief. Released in October 2013, he has been under parole supervision that expires in 2016.

Since his release, he has been battling to regain his reputation by accusing his lawyer, Joe Tacopina, of secretly working against him for the feds. Also recently, a federal judge denied Kerik's request for an early end to his parole supervision so that he could go to Jordan. His lawyer, Tim Parlatore, argued in court papers that Kerik's early release "would allow him [Kerik] to travel freely abroad, throughout the Middle East, specifically those countries overwhelmed by the threat of ISIS and other extremist groups."

Equally important for Kerik, an early release would allow companies operating in the Middle East -- where Kerik was sent by President George W. Bush in 2003 and where he spent years before joining the NYPD -- to hire him. Parlatore has argued that companies won't hire him while he is on supervised release.

Kerik has refused to criticize federal Judge Loretta Preska but said in an email, "If someone like me is having such a difficult time and cannot get relief from the court, how do we expect these young first time low level drug offenders to succeed in any way. They're doomed to failure."

When Kerik went to prison, Giuliani cut ties with him. So in light of Kerik's desire to return to the Middle East, does Giuliani think Kerik loves America more than Obama does?