When you think of Brooklyn, which words come to mind? Hip? Cool?

How about Hillary Clinton? Word is Hillary is considering Brooklyn as headquarters for a presidential campaign. According to the Daily News, she is eyeing the Metrotech complex in Brooklyn Heights.

Yo Hillary, big mistake! Might as well be in Manhattan. If Hillary is serious about getting the borough's cool, fun vibe to rub off on her, there's only one Brooklyn neighborhood that would be a natural, in so many ways.

Clinton Hill! Not just the name, but the atmosphere.

Check out the neighborhood's description by Airbnb: "Artsy but not over-the-top and cool but not unapproachable, this laid-back neighborhood deserves its amiable reputation."

Isn't that the very image Hillary is trying to project?

Clinton Hill. A thriving, ethnically mixed neighborhood that is also home to cool, artsy Pratt Institute.

OK, cool might not be the first word you associate with Hillary. But that's why Brooklyn appeals to her. She's trying to pick up the cool, young vibe that helped push President Barack Obama over the top in 2008. The only problem with that strategy? Obama (who once lived in Brooklyn) actually is hip and cool.

So if Hillary is truly serious about trying to associate herself with Brooklyn and its hip vibe, she needs to be authentic. Forget the limos, Hillary, ride a fixed-gear, raised-seat bike to campaign events. Get a tattoo. Make your own artisanal whiskey in the basement of campaign headquarters.

Sure, the decision could backfire. If she chooses the borough, she will be spending a lot of time with Brooklyn-born Mayor Bill de Blasio, who projects more of a leftie image than Hillary may be comfortable with.

The move also may seem a bit forced. I can't help but recall the 2008 presidential campaign, when a grinning Mitt Romney posed for a photo with a group of young African-Americans in Florida, woofing and asking them, "Who let the dogs out?"

Talk about hip!

You can't force cool. But if Hillary is ready to go all in with this Brooklyn idea, I expect to see her wearing vintage threads, hanging out at a craft beer garden and sipping organic, free-trade coffee at Café Grumpy any day now.