Trick or trickier? Seeing our choices in Tuesday's election, all I can say is, Boo!

In the race for New York governor, we have Democratic incumbent Andrew Cuomo, who led the fight to pass both a same-sex marriage and a sane gun-control bill. He also formed a Moreland Commission to root out statewide corruption -- then shut it down when it wanted to investigate groups with ties to him.

Opposing Cuomo is Republican Rob Astorino, who promotes fracking while upstate, then magically morphs into Mr. Environment as he scoots back down the Thruway to Westchester.

In their debate last week, both Cuomo and Astorino often ignored panelists' questions in favor of hurling cheap shots at each other.

Meanwhile on Staten Island, the race for Congress is an embarrassment. The only ones who seem happy about this contest are Jon Stewart and other comedians who are having a field day mocking it.

Currently under a 20-count indictment on fraud charges, not to mention threatening to toss NY1 reporter Michael Scotto off a balcony after breaking him in half "like a boy," Republican Rep. Michael Grimm seems to have, well, grim chances of re-election. Luckily for him, his Democratic opponent, Domenic Recchia, gives new meaning to the term Know-Nothing Party, responding to questions about issues with nonsensical answers or a blank stare.

Nope, these candidates aren't exactly inspiring. In the governor's race, Cuomo's achievements are tainted by his now-you-see-it-now-you-don't treatment of the Moreland Commission, while Astorino's far-right views don't sit well with a majority of NYC residents.

So how about staying home to send them a message? Trust me, no one will notice. I'm definitely going to vote, although I'm afraid I'll feel the way I used to after coming home from trick-or-treating as a kid -- happy I did it, but a bit sick to my stomach.

So what's the solution?

Hint: Cuomo and Astorino aren't the only two candidates for governor on the ballot. If you really want to send the entrenched "trick or trickier" parties a message, I'm sure the Green Party's Howie Hawkins or the Libertarian Party's Michael McDermott would be happy to oblige.

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