Mike Huckabee, the off-again, on-again presidential candidate and former Arkansas governor peddling a new book, has been trashed about in a few recent media cycles.

He got in trouble last week when he compared being gay with imbibing or using profanity — an apparent extension of comments he made earlier when he basically called many NYC women trashy, profane freaks.

People got upset and started refuting the statements left and right. I will not be one of them. On his specific comment about women, I won’t say that NYC women aren’t trashy profane freaks. Because many of us are. Trashy and profane and proud.

And thank whatever God Huckabee prays to, because if we didn’t have NYC women, we might as well be the Northwest Nowhere town he calls home.

When Huckabee called us trashy and profane, he didn’t just mean women who listen to Beyoncé or drop the f-bomb. He meant women who are empowered, see themselves as equal to men, and don’t fall for the nonsensical “defer to your husband” patriarchy Huckabee preaches.

If you push us, we’ll push you right back. If you prick us, we bleed. If you wrong us, watch your back. And if you poison us, we curse the decision to eat at the diner with a C rating.

Huckabee, who quit his cable news show to explore another presidential run, might find women in Northwest Nowhere who go along with having their behavior policed, but there aren’t many of them here.

We aren’t afraid of profanity. We say what we think, and we don’t sugarcoat anything because we don’t care what anyone thinks. Why is NYC home to everything important (including Fox News, where Huckabee worked until recently)?

It isn’t because we speak softly, are courteous or listen to bland music. If you are in this city and benefit from what it offers, thank an NYC woman.
You’re welcome.

My grandmother was an NYC woman. My mother is an NYC woman. I am an NYC woman. My daughter will be an NYC woman. We are strong, pants-wearing, straphanging, music-listening, club-dancing, trashy profane freaks, and we are proud of it.

And on behalf of all of us: Use fiddlesticks yourself.
Rachel Figueroa-Levin tweets as @Jewyorican and @ElBloombito.