The City Council doesn't know when to quit. Now it's just embarrassing itself.

It has been attacking the St. Patrick's Day Parade for years, ostensibly because parade organizers didn't include expressly gay units marching under their own banners. But now some council members risk being perceived as anti-Catholic.

How else to explain the latest move by some council members attacking the parade when a nationally renowned gay organization, Out@NBCUniversal, has been welcomed into this year's parade with its hundreds of marchers? Did the council miss the news? Or is it just dismayed that it's lost its favorite Irish Catholic punching bag, so it's working to manufacture a new controversy that's as hollow as it is contrived.

The progressive-led council says that Out@NBCUniversal isn't Irish enough, as if the council were the arbiter of all affairs Hibernian. Funny, I don't recall the council weighing in on whether marching units in other parades are German enough or West Indian enough or Israeli enough. Then again, I don't remember the council criticizing any other parade, period, for anything, including not featuring gay marching units -- just St. Patrick's. Isn't that curious?

Out@NBCUniversal was chosen to march this year, the committee announced in September, because NBC has long been the parade's broadcast partner. (As a volunteer, I helped parade organizers announce the first gay marching unit in September, but the view expressed here is my own.)

Moreover, Out@NBCUniversal has more than 2,000 members -- plenty of Irish ancestry -- with a generous track record of philanthropic work, including here in NYC. But none of that seems to matter to this ideologically reckless council.

St. Patrick's is the city's most enduring tradition and America's oldest parade. The 2015 parade will be the city's 254th, and it will feature Cardinal Timothy Dolan as grand marshal. It will also honor 25 soldiers of New York's Fighting 69th Regiment who died in Iraq and Afghanistan, defending the city and the rest of the nation from terrorist attacks. Rather than salute that, our esteemed council chooses demagoguery.

How very typical of it.

How truly sad. For everyone.

William F. B. O'Reilly is a Republican consultant.