When Arnold Drucker talks about his feats in the Nassau County Legislature after winning a special election last year, he holds up a binder of media clippings about himself and lathers his pitch in Democratic talking points.

Eliminate outside contracts for legal work to stabilize the budget, the 60-year-old Plainview Democrat says. The culture of corruption needs to be eradicated. Clean up the county assessment system.

His challenger, Republican Angel Cepeda of Plainview, agrees, but offers a better approach, saying the only way to get the county out of its fiscal woes is for Democrats and Republicans to work together.

A former Plainview-Old Bethpage school board member, Cepeda, 56, says he would focus his legislative attention on revamping the assessment system, ensuring mixed-use development at the Nassau Hub and developing a stable and consistent budget line for public transit.

Newsday endorses Cepeda.