As winter continues to assault us with its fun house of meteorological madness, we offer some humble advice:

Hang in there. Remember, you could be in Boston.

That's not to downplay what we New Yorkers have been going through. It's not like we haven't been battered on an every-third-day kind of schedule. The thermometer has plunged to depths not seen in years, more trains seem to be running with delays than on time, and filthy pools of icy water lapping over curbs force all of us to be creative navigators. There are massive ice floes in the East River, for goodness sake. Pipes have frozen and burst, in one case forcing an overnight evacuation of 400 rooms in a Financial District hotel. Even the water fountain in Bryant Park froze, creating a beautiful if eerie spectacle.

But . . . we haven't had a record 5 feet of snow in February alone with 11 days still to go, one of many records set in Boston -- where a lack of places to put the powder has forced the good burghers to transform parking lots into snow farms with mounds more than five stories high. And where the mayor has warned residents to stop jumping out of their windows and into the snow -- for fun.

We're not there. Yet. But we have had snow, ice, wind and impressive cold. And now freezing rain is in the forecast. Along with another blast of Arctic air and, yes, more snow. But hey, remember balmy December? And November, when Buffalo got pounded with 7 feet of lake-effect madness and we gave thanks it wasn't us?

None of that is balm for this moment. We understand your exasperation. But this will end. It always does. Pitchers and catchers report this week, March Madness is just around the corner and flu season is winding down.

So please, don't get frustrated. Don't snap at the guy crowding you on the platform or the woman whose bag is digging into your ribs. Take it easy on icy roads and messy sidewalks. Leave some extra time for your commute. Hold on to whatever inner glow you have left and stoke it.

We're much closer to the calendar end of winter than we are to the beginning. Feel the warmth.