Democratic challenger Ramandeep Arora uses the term “the corruption tax” to describe how county taxpayers are squeezed by higher fees, no-bid contracts and patronage jobs.

Arora, 41, head of financial operations for a Brooklyn real estate developer, supports several reforms: appointment of an inspector general to vet contracts for conflicts of interest, limits on campaign donations, term limits and beefing up the assessor’s office.

It is hard to see how re-electing Republican incumbent Rose Marie Walker, 66, also of Hicksville, would improve anything. Of 124 new laws listed by the county website since she took office in 2010, none show her taking the lead as chief sponsor. She sits to reinforce the toxic status quo.

Arora wants Nassau to pursue legal action on the Grumman plume, and he would use his financial acumen to help deliver a contract fair to police and taxpayers.

Newsday endorses Arora.