NYPD tweets safety tips after repeated coyote sightings in Central Park

Photo via Pixabay

The road runner is nowhere to be found in Central Park, but that hasn’t stopped some wily coyotes from roaming there.

Police reported Monday that coyotes have been spotted on a weekly basis inside the park. The NYPD is reminding city residents about what to do to keep themselves (and their pets) safe from potential harm.

The Central Park Precinct posted a tweet on Jan. 27 giving the public tips on what they should and shouldn’t do when they encounter a coyote. While the NYPD says that you can observe and admire the coyote from a safe distance, do not feed them.

If you encounter a wild coyote, police say that you should keep your pets safe and make yourself look bigger by putting your arms up and making loud noises. 

While coyotes have been spotted in multiple parts of the park, the NYPD said that some were spotted near Belvedere Castle.

If you find a coyote, alert the Parks Department and stay clear of the animal. If you are bitten by a coyote, call 911 right away.