Op-Ed: Party switch deadline looms large for Bloomberg voters

Photo via nysenate.gov


Last week, when my endorsement of Mike Bloomberg for president became public, my inbox was flooded with messages from both Democrats and Republicans asking how they could support the former mayor’s campaign. 

My answer: check your voter registration to make sure you can vote in New York State’s Democratic primary on April 28. With the deadline to change one’s party affiliation approaching this Friday, Feb. 14, now is the time to ensure voters can cast their ballots in April so Mike can win big in November. 

It’s no surprise New Yorkers of all backgrounds are excited to vote for Mike Bloomberg. Since the start of his mayoral tenure in January 2002, Mike has proven time and again to have our backs. 

When Mike took office, New York was still on its knees after the 9/11 attacks. Thanks to Mike’s vision and follow-through, Lower Manhattan recovered and is now both safer and stronger than ever. 

But that’s not all Mike did for New Yorkers during his 12 years at City Hall. 

He created 400,000 jobs and diversified the economy, making it more resilient to recessions. He raised teacher salaries by over 40 percent, which in turn increased high school graduation rates significantly. 

Now that he is running for president, Mike has released a number of policy proposals that will continue to improve life for all Americans. As our 21st century city continues to struggle with 20th century infrastructure, Mike will fight for the resources we need to keep our competitive edge. 

As president, Mike will make education and upskilling a national priority. He has vowed to strengthen the country’s network of community colleges and create a path for one million Americans a year to start apprenticeship programs. 

And, addressing one of the most important issues in my district, Mike has put forth solutions to tackling the opioid epidemic that has destroyed too many families. He’ll enforce federal laws mandating insurance coverage for substance use disorders and make it far easier for people to get the addiction treatment they need. 

I have no doubt Mike could win against Donald Trump in the general election. This isn’t just because I believe in him as a leader—a Quinnipiac poll released earlier this week shows that Mike would beat the president by nine points if the election were held today. 

There’s no question Mike needs a strong showing in his home state on April 28. 

If you believe “Mike will get it done,” change your registration by this Friday to vote for him in the primary. 

Diane Savino represents the 23rd State Senate District covering parts of Brooklyn and Staten Island.

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