Seniors, city officials call on Mayor to stop budget cuts to senior programs

Photo: Cheryl Kamen

New York City’s senior community is calling for the mayor to not cut back on services that help seniors live their daily lives.

In his proposed budget, Mayor Eric Adams outlined over $12 million dollars in budget cuts directed toward the city’s aging sector’s congregate and home-delivered meals programs in a year. Of those cuts, $7 million would be cut for Older Adult Centers, $5 million would be cut for the home-delivered meals program, and there would be the elimination of the $1 additional one-time reimbursement rate for home-delivered meals for the 2024 fiscal year.

Led by LiveOn NY, over 400 seniors, as well as many of the city’s elected officials, gathered outside City Hall Park on May 11 to call for better budget contributions to the senior community, as well as cost of living adjustments for staff in those sectors.

“Mr. Mayor, do you hear us? Older New Yorkers are demanding a just budget—one that affirms our communities and strengthens the services and resources they rely on most,” said Council Member Crystal Hudson on Twitter. “Be sure, Mr. Mayor. Older New Yorkers vote, and they are watching.”

Several Council Members spoke out against the cuts, noting that “The City Council has your back.”

“Access to food, access to services, better health — that’s what this budget and every single budget is about,” said Council Member Jen Gutiérrez said. “It tells New Yorkers who we care about. We care about seniors, we care about all of you here. Do you all feel that City Hall cares for you? We have to change that.”

Photo: Cheryl Kamen