Affordable housing lotteries open in Essex Crossing, Hell’s Kitchen, Morrisania

A new year will mean new affordable housing apartments for hundreds of New Yorkers as three new lotteries were launched by the city this week.

The city’s department of Housing Preservation and Development began accepting applications for affordable housing lotteries at Essex Crossing on the Lower East Side and 572 11th Ave. in Hell’s Kitchen on Thursday.

The Essex Crossing lottery for Site 2, located at 115 Delancey St., has 98 newly built apartments up for grabs, while the building at 572 11th Ave. has 46 availabilities. Essex Crossing apartments start as low as a $519 studio for a single person making between $19,680 and $26,720 a year. A single applicant making between $22,903 and $26,720 a year could score a studio apartment for $596 per month at 572 11th Ave.

Both buildings offer amenities, including a lobby attendant, gym and outdoor spaces, but additional fees may apply.

Over in the Bronx, the St. Augustine apartment building at 1180 Fulton Ave. has 76 affordable housing units available through the HPD’s lottery that kicked off Wednesday.

St. Augustine boasts a lobby attendant, outdoor terrace, indoor bike storage and a community room. Two people making between $27,085 and $38,200 combined could rent a studio apartment for $718 a month. A three-bedroom pad for three people making a combined $37,749-$42,950 would run $1,004 a month.

As with many other affordable housing lotteries, 7 percent of the units at each of the buildings will be set aside for applicants with disabilities.

Fifty percent of the units in each building will also be set aside for applicants who already live within the community board district where they are located, which includes Bronx CB3 for St. Augustine, Manhattan CB4 for 572 11th Ave. and Manhattan CB3 for Essex Crossing.

The deadline to apply for Essex Crossing is Feb. 13, St. Augustine’s deadline is Feb. 15 and 572 11th Ave. is Feb. 16. Applications can be submitted online or by mail.

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