The residents of Brooklyn Heights treasure the view from the Promenade, but lately many are worried that they may lose some of it.

Steven Guterman, founder of the local community group Save the View Now (STVN), said he and his wife took a stroll along the Promenade in December and were “stunned by how much of the Brooklyn Bridge vistas had been blocked by the new Toll Brothers building.”

The Toll Brothers development he referred to is the Pierhouse, a hotel and condo development going up Brooklyn Bridge Park’s waterfront Pier 1, which residents say has succeeded previously determined height limits.

Guterman started a petition on entitled “Return the construction of the Pierhouse to be consistent with the originally approved plan,” which so far has collected more than 5,000 signatures. According to the petition, the development is not allowed to exceed 100 feet in height.

When asked for a response to STVN’s claims, a spokesperson for the Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation, which oversees the development of the park and its piers, replied: “Pierhouse maintains all officially protected promenade views, is consistent with designs presented to the community to favorable response in 2013 and will provide critical funding to keep the park safe and well-maintained for millions of visitors for years to come.”

The city Department of Buildings is reportedly reviewing the height, but couldn’t be reached for comment as of press time.

Toll Brothers declined to comment on the issue.