Family-owned and operated Cycles and Recycles bicycle shop opened almost two years ago on 18th Avenue. The building has been in the family for 80 years, first as a grocery store and then rented out to other tenants. Carl DeSanto co-owns the shop with his cousins Anthony and George, said they specialize in refurbishing old bikes.


Why did you all decide to open a bike shop?

Anthony wanted to do something with the store and we threw around different things. One day a Chinese food delivery guy almost ran into him on the street because his brakes didn’t work and he thought, “Nobody’s fixing them.”

What’s the best part about owning a bike shop?

You get to just hang out. In the summer time, we get killed, meaning we’re very busy. It’s a nice business because you can work hard in the summer and then rest in the winter -- recharge your batteries.

What are the benefits of working with your family?

Quality control -- you can have a lot of friends and employees, but we rely on each other a lot. We trust each other and we get along.

Are there more people riding bikes in Bensonhurst now than in the past?

There are tons more cars now. It used to be one family, one car, but now everyone has a car. There aren’t more bikes than cars, but there are more people using bikes than there were.