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Q and A: Briana Warsing, managing editor at The Main Street WIRE

The Main Street WIRE newspaper has covered life on Roosevelt Island for 35 years. Started by Dr. Jack Resnick as a way to keep islanders informed about a tram outage back in the early a80s, it has developed into a closely-read island fixture available in print, online and via e-mail and Kindle.


How long have you lived on the Island?


I was born here, grew up here, and my parents still live here. I left for a while but came back in 2012 when I moved into the same building that I grew up in. I am one of the people who has contributed to the islandas recent ababy booma -- Iave added three new islanders to the population since I came back. Why did I move back? Because I realized just how good I had it here!


What do you like best about island life?


I love the open spaces. When I grew up here we used to play the game of amanhunta all over the island -- there were so many places to hide. I can even remember climbing trees and picking and eating berries in some spots on the island. Although the school and other new buildings have been built on what used to be our run-around space, itas still a great place to raise kids and there are plenty of green spaces left. I love being so near the water and I love the volunteer spirit of the people who live here; so many of our wonderful institutions -- the library, the art gallery, the theater group, day nursery -- were all started by volunteers.


What is your hope for the future of the Island?


That all of the new residents -- the people who will come with Cornell Tech and the people who will rent and buy here in the future -- will become well-integrated into Island life.


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