Q&A with DeNorval Parks: Co-founder of Levels Barbershop

Levels Barbershop, on Fulton Street, is a neighborhood staple.

Levels Barbershop, on Fulton Street, is a neighborhood staple. DeNorval Parks, 43, co-founded the barbershop — which now has four locations around the city — and manages the Clinton Hill shop.

What do you like about Clinton Hill?

I like the camaraderie — the storeowners for the most part stick together when things go down and we all participate in holiday events.

What’s unique about working in a barbershop?

Working in a barbershop, especially this one, reflects New York. New York’s known as a melting pot, the fashion capital of the world and the financial capital of the world. We at Levels like to see ourselves as the center of the city that’s the center of the world.

What are most people looking for when they come to Levels?

Oddly enough, it’s not that they come looking for a haircut because that’s what they get. They come for the experience and a good barber they can talk to. You can find out anything from a good barber — who’s a good plumber, who’s a good cop. You get a lot; you don’t just get a barbershop.

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