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Peter Berkowitz lives in this tiny pod in San Francisco for $400 a month

Peter Berkowitz lives in this tiny pod in

Peter Berkowitz lives in this tiny pod in San Francisco for $400 a month, the NY Daily News reports. Photo Credit: YouTube / cat32orhat23


Would the high cost of living on Long Island drive you to live in a pod to save a buck?

Former New Yorker Peter Berkowitz found a way to escape high rent prices when he moved away from the state. He now lives in a 8-foot long, 4.5 foot wide pod in his friend’s living room for $400 a month.

The 25-year-old first spoke of his new San Francisco living arrangement, which is essentially a wooden box, with the New York Daily News.

Inside the tiny box, he fits a twin bed, fold-out desk and a few decorative lights. There’s a small space for storage behind his headboard. He says he doesn’t really notice the lack of space anymore.

“I honestly enjoy it,” he told the NY Daily News. It’s just not for the claustrophobic.

"Housing prices are very, very expensive and a lot of people want a nicer place to live," the Westchester County native says on a video uploaded to his YouTube account. "Pods, if they're made really nicely can provide the power to add an extra bedroom to your apartment." 

Readers on social media are shocked by the downsized space he calls home, but they’re not surprised.

“When I moved to NYC in 2003, I slept on [a] friend’s couch for 5 months,” one Twitter user writes.

Others say the drastic measures Berkowitz has taken to find affordable housing should encourage expensive areas to control rent and combat homelessness.

One Twitter user suggests a system be put in place that sees “high demand for affordable urban housing” and “turns it into supply, for a profit even.”

“We need to make tiny homes for the homeless,” another suggested.


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