Best CBD Oil for Dogs: 5 CBD Products to Manage Your Pup’s Overall Health


Just like we humans, our canine best pals can also experience a variety of unpleasant conditions, including anxiety, pain, seizures, and inflammation. But fortunately, just like we humans, the best CBD oil can help manage these symptoms efficiently, effectively, and all-naturally.

But what makes the best CBD oil for a dog, and how do you choose the right one?

Understand all this and more with our buyer’s guide to the best CBD oil for dogs. Featuring detailed reviews of high-quality pet CBD oils, helpful dosing instructions, and answers to frequently asked safety questions, you have everything you need to keep your dog happy, healthy, and symptom-free right here.

5 Best CBD Oil for Dogs

  1. CBDfx – Overall Best CBD Oil for Dogs
  2. Penelope’s Bloom – Best for Long Car Rides
  3. Honest Paws – Best for Autoimmune Issues
  4. Batch – Best for Daily Consumption
  5. Anxious Pet – Best for Mood Support

Reviews of Our 5 Best CBD Oil for Dogs

1. CBDfx – Overall Best CBD Oil for Dogs


  • Available in four strengths
  • All-natural, pet-safe ingredients
  • Fast-acting effects
  • Delicious bacon flavor
  • Broad-spectrum CBD oil formula


  • None

Company Highlights

Pet wellness is taken just as seriously as human wellness at CBDfx, and their pet CBD oils are designed with your dog’s health in mind. The company adheres to the highest quality manufacturing practices and meets regulations specific to the animal dietary industry.

Ingredients for its pet CBD oils and other products include CO2-extracted cannabinoids from organic hemp plants. With this organic CBD oil combined with all-natural, vegetarian ingredients and flavoring, CBDfx guarantees a safe and effective dog CBD oil your pup will love.

About CBDfx Pet CBD Oil

The delicious bacon-flavored CBD Oil for Dogs from CBDfx contains a broad spectrum of cannabinoids designed to stimulate the endocannabinoid receptors in your dog’s body without any psychoactive side effects. The oil is available in four strengths, ranging from 250mg to 2000mg, so you can customize the dosage for your dog’s weight and size.

Included in the broad-spectrum CBD oil is the minor cannabinoid CBG. This hemp compound is known for its anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and anticonvulsant effects. Combined with the potent dose of CBD, pet parents can expect this formula to provide a range of CBD’s natural benefits for aging or wellness-related issues.

To speed up the time your dog feels the effects of CBD, the company has added MCT oil to the formula. This oil helps CBD pass directly into the bloodstream, reducing the time before your pet experiences relief. Additionally, this broad-spectrum CBD oil works to improve energy levels and increase appetite.

All orders are covered with CBDfx’s 60-day money-back guarantee. Furthermore, purchases of the medically reviewed, broad-spectrum CBD oil for dogs come with free shipping when the order total reaches or exceeds $75.

Why We Chose CBDfx CBD Oil for Dogs

CBDfx’s pet tincture tops our list of best CBD oil for dogs due to its premium ingredients and high-quality manufacturing process. With a potent dose of major and minor cannabinoids that work to soothe common symptoms of aging, injury, or illness, your dog can enjoy CBD’s natural benefits in a fast-acting, irresistible bacon-flavored way.

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2. Penelope’s Bloom – Best for Long Car Rides


  • Calm-promoting botanical ingredients
  • Full-spectrum CBD oil
  • Available in multiple strengths
  • Easy, gentle digestion


  • No live chat support

Company Highlights

Pet CBD oil, CBD dog treats, and more come from the heart of Penelope’s Bloom. The company takes careful time, research, and attention to craft its high-quality CBD products – adhering to only the highest manufacturing, extraction, and testing standards.

The brand’s all-natural, vegan formulas are a big hit with dogs of all ages and sizes. With particular attention paid to absorption and digestion, Penelope’s Bloom creates effective formulas that maximize CBD’s natural benefits.

About Penelope’s Bloom Pet CBD Oil

Blended with calming chamomile to support long-lasting relaxation and stress relief, Penelope’s Bloom Pet CBD Oil keeps dogs calm in stressful, enduring stations, thanks to the calming chamomile and full-spectrum of hemp plant compounds. 

The full-spectrum CBD oil contains major and minor cannabinoids known to stimulate both CB1 and CB2 receptors. With delta-9 THC, CBD, and CBG actively working to support physical and mental well-being, pet parents can rest assured that their pup will feel comfortable and relaxed no matter the situation.

The CBD used in Penelope’s Bloom’s formula is sourced from organic, non-GMO hemp plants cultivated to the highest quality control standards. Tested for accurate potency, contaminants, and pesticides, the CBD oil is verified only to include stuff safe for dogs to consume.

Bottles of this fast-acting, easily digestible best CBD oil for dogs are available in single and bulk order sizes. Frees shipping is available on orders over $75, and significant savings is available to those who opt for larger bulk purchases.

Why We Chose Penelope’s Bloom CBD Oil for Dogs

Perfect for long car rides or unexpected stressful situations, this vegan-friendly pet CBD oil proves its quality with calming botanicals alongside naturally occurring CBD. Combined with a fast-acting and easily-digestible formula, pet parents can rest assured that their pup will get the relief they need when they need it – no matter how long it takes to get where you’re going.

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3. Honest Paws – Best for Autoimmune Issues


  • Promotes a healthy immune system
  • Concentrations available for all dog sizes
  • Full-spectrum CBD oil formula
  • Certified USDA Organic ingredients


  • Some dogs may prefer CBD drops in food over sublingual dosing

Company Highlights

Honest Paws sets a high standard in the pet wellness industry, creating certified organic CBD pet treats, oil tinctures, and more. The company uses only the finest, human-grade organic ingredients to craft its high-potency products, adhering to rigorous quality control standards and third-party laboratory verifications.

For pets to get the most out of their CBD products, Honest Paws uses a unique extraction and formulation technique that enhances the immune-supporting benefits of their best CBD oil for dogs. As a result, pet parents are ensured a safe, effective, and high-quality CBD product they can rely on.

About Honest Paws Pet CBD Oil

The Honest Paws CBD Oil For Dogs contains full-spectrum CBD oil hemp extract that supports pets with autoimmune issues or chronic pain, as well as those suffering from allergies and skin conditions. Much of these effects are due to the unique combination of delta-9 THC, CBD, and CBC.

In particular, the retained CBC in the CO2-extracted formula enhances support of autoimmune issues dogs face as they age, lending its remarkable anti-inflammatory properties and providing a potent dose of antioxidant support.

High-grade coconut oil enhances the bioavailability of Honest Paws CBD oil, making it easier for the body to absorb and digest. This carrier oil also supports healthy skin and hair for your pup – perfect for the 30% of canines who experience autoimmune-related skin issues.

These CBD oil tinctures for dogs are available in strengths ranging from 125mg to 1000mg. The incremental potency allows pet parents to tailor their pup’s CBD dosage to their dog’s size, breed, and health needs. 

Why We Chose Honest Paws CBD Oil for Dogs

Honest Paws dog CBD oil offers a unique full spectrum experience exclusively formulated to support pets with autoimmune issues and chronic pain. With concentrations available for all sizes of dogs and certified USDA organic ingredients, pet parents can rest assured that their pup’s health needs are in the right hands.

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4. Batch – Best for Daily Consumption


  • Delicious, all-natural flavoring
  • Full spectrum of CBD benefits
  • Vegan, organic formula
  • Extra-strength concentration


  • Dosing may need to be adjusted for dogs weighing less than 20 lbs

Company Highlights

Batch’s in-depth understanding of what dogs need has allowed the reputable brand to create delicious, effective pet CBD products. A unique blend of organic hemp extracts, carrier oils, and natural flavorings enhances their products’ ability to provide the natural wellness support CBD has become known for.

Like the CBD products for humans the company manufactures, its CBD oil tinctures for dogs are made with strict adherence to pet supplement dietary regulations. This means that pet parents can have full confidence in the safety, quality, and efficacy of the CBD oils they give their pup.

About Batch CBD Oil for Dogs

Batch’s all-natural, organic Pet CBD Oil Tincture is made with daily consumption in mind. Its rich concentration of CBD, delta-9 THC, CBC, and CBG ensure an entourage effect that comprehensively assists in managing everything from chronic pain and inflammation to allergies, stress, digestive issues, and more.

To make daily use safe and effective, Batch includes an organic MCT oil from coconuts to ensure optimal bioavailability. This helps the CBD pet oil to be absorbed quickly and effectively by your pup’s body, which makes it easier for them to experience its potential benefits sooner. 

Batch knows that picky eaters can be the hardest to dose with CBD and has formulated its CBD oil tinctures in two delicious flavors dogs can’t get enough of – Wild Alaskan Salmon and Bacon. These flavors are made from all-natural, plant-based ingredients, making sublingual and covert dosing a breeze.

Bottles of Batch’s 750mg CBD oil for dogs are available as one-off or subscription orders. The brand’s Satisfaction Guarantee covers both purchases, but subscription orders include extra perks like free shipping and extra savings.

Why We Chose Batch CBD Oil for Dogs

Supporting daily wellness needs is crucial for a pup with chronic issues. Batch’s CBD oil tincture has the potency and bioavailability to allow pet parents to safely dose their dog consistently, making it ideal for long-term CBD treatment plans. 

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5. Anxious Pet – Best for Mood Support


  • Vet-formulated CBD oil tincture
  • Full-spectrum of calming cannabinoids
  • Relaxing terpene blend
  • Organic, non-GMO CBD formula


  • No low-dose formulas

Company Info

Anxious Pet works hard to ensure its products offer dogs relief from everyday chronic and acute stressors. The proprietary combination of hemp plant cannabinoids and bioavailable organic ingredients works synergistically with the body’s natural endocannabinoid system, resulting in a calming effect without any psychoactive side effects.

Created by an in-house team of veterinarians, dog owners can be sure that this lab-tested, USDA-certified organic tincture is of the highest standards and safe for any dog to consume. 

About Anxious Pet CBD Oil 

With a simple formula effective at reducing stress and anxiety, Anxious Pet’s Relax & Roll Hemp Oil tincture is as gentle on the stomach as it is calming. The full-spectrum CBD oil inside each 30mL bottle provides these benefits thanks to the combination of CBD, THC, and 12 other cannabinoids.

While CBD stimulates serotonin receptors that induce a calming response, Anxious Pet’s proprietary terpene blend relaxes the body and mind. This combination helps to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety related to everyday chronic or acute issues that can make life challenging for dogs.

The organic MCT oil from coconuts provides an extra layer of support with its natural ability to transport CBD quickly and efficiently throughout the body. This helps dogs to experience the potential calming benefits of Anxious Pet’s tincture faster and longer, an exceedingly great advantage for dogs stressed out by loud noises and long periods of separation.

Bottles are available in 400mg and 800mg concentrations. To help pet parents using this best CBD oil for dogs for the first time, the brand includes a detailed dosing guide with recommendations based on the weight and age of your dog.

Why We Chose Anxious Pet CBD Oil for Dogs

Reliable stress relief thanks to the many cannabinoids in this full-spectrum CBD oil for dogs is what put Anxious Pet on our list. Additionally, their commitment to organic ingredients and USDA-certified product guarantees a quality tincture for your pup’s everyday mood needs.

Visit Anxious Pet to learn more

How We Made Our List of the Best CBD Oils for Dogs

We looked at factors specific to general wellness needs and canine physiology to make our list of the best dog CBD oil. In both instances, adherence to high-quality manufacturing practices, organic hemp sourcing, and safe extraction methods are essential to producing digestible and effective CBD oil for dogs. But quality isn’t the only thing that matters, our research found.

Because dogs have unique physical limitations that humans do not, we also looked for products containing concentrations specifically formulated for the species without the inclusion of harmful vitamins, minerals, or other additives.

Finally, we considered feedback from pet owners and veterinarians who had experience with the best CBD oil for dogs to determine if each product was truly effective in addressing the needs of pets needing extra hemp-derived wellness support.

At the end of our research, we found the CBD pet oil products above to represent the best of the best CBD oil for dogs when it comes to safety, quality, and effectiveness.

What To Consider When Choosing the Best CBD Oil for Your Dog

Choosing products from an established, reputable brand within the every-growing CBD industry goes a long way in ensuring your dog gets a safe CBD oil. But how do you ensure they get the right CBD oil for their specific needs?

Understanding cannabinoid profiles

CBD oil products come in many formulations containing varying amounts of major and minor cannabinoids. The major cannabinoids are CBD and THC, while the minor cannabinoids can include CBG, CBC, CBN, CBDa, THCv, THCa, and many more.

Pet owners wanting the most comprehensive wellness benefits from their dog CBD oil should opt for full or broad-spectrum CBD oil products. These contain a range of cannabinoids that work together in what is called the “entourage effect” to provide tremendous therapeutic potential, including better mood and reduced inflammation.

Those wanting to promote calming relaxation over mobility and energy might want to consider buying CBD pet oil products containing delta-9 THC or CBN. With CBD, these cannabinoids work better to promote sleepiness and relaxation.

Those more interested in immune support, relief from aging, and general overall health may want to consider CBD oil products rich in CBG and CBC. These cannabinoids are known to help promote healthy cell growth, improve nerve function, and support overall immune system function.

Understanding hemp plant compounds

While the cannabinoid content of a given CBD hemp oil extract will help to determine which one is right for your dog, they aren’t the only hemp compounds that could potentially affect your pup’s wellness.

The terpenes in hemp may also carry therapeutic benefits and should be considered when choosing a CBD oil for dogs. Some of the most common terpenes found in hemp plants include myrcene, limonene, linalool, beta-caryophyllene, and humulene.

These terpenes are known to contribute to improved wellness in the areas of digestion, inflammation, anxiety reduction, pain relief, relaxation, and overall mood support. Moreover, when combined with CBD oil’s cannabinoids, they can produce even greater therapeutic effects.

Additionally, products marked with included flavonoids from hemp plants offer antioxidant benefits that help to improve immunity and reduce oxidative damage. So if your pet suffers from a neurological or age-related disorder, full-spectrum CBD oils containing these essential hemp plant compounds, rather than a broad-spectrum or CBD isolate product, may prove the most beneficial.

Considering pet weight

After thinking about what combination of hemp plant compounds would make the best CBD oil for dogs, it is essential to consider your dog’s size so you know how strong of a formula to purchase.

CBD oil for dogs comes in lower CBD concentrations than those for humans to account for the size differences. CBD oil for small pets needs to be milder, with lower doses of CBD, while larger breeds can tolerate and benefit from more potent formulas.

While the dosage you prefer may vary depending on your dog’s condition or wellness needs, most pet owners look for products containing <250mg of CBD for dogs weighing less than 10 lbs. A total bottle concentration of <800mg is recommended for dogs weighing more than 10 lbs but less than 25 lbs.

For dogs over 25 lbs, 1000mg to 1200mg CBD oil is ideal since the concentration has a better chance of holding up against the faster metabolism of larger breeds. Additionally, this concentration may be suitable for severe wellness conditions that don’t respond to lower CBD oil concentrations.

Considering allergies & sensitivities

While CBD for dogs is made to be safe for your pet to consume, some formulas may contain beneficial ingredients that your dog doesn’t like or can’t handle. In some cases, the natural hemp flavor of CBD oil is a turn-off for dogs, so consider a bacon or salmon-flavored option offered by many reputable CBD brands. 

Additionally, if your pet has sensitivities to nuts, consider buying CBD oil tincture blended with hemp seed oil rather than coconut oil. Both coconut oil and hemp seed oil are carrier oils, and both provide the same great bioavailable and antioxidant benefits, so dog owners don’t have to worry about sacrificing effectiveness for safety.

Verify brand claims

Many pet owners get caught up in the greenwashing of dog health supplements claiming to be something they are not. As such, the key to finding the CBD oil that is best for your dog will require you to verify the brand’s claims about their CBD oil product.

This task can be accomplished in several ways, including reading third-party lab reports to compare labeling information, looking into manufacturing practices and hemp source, and researching customer reviews.

By taking the time to research a product, you can be sure that it is safe for your pet and will provide the therapeutic benefits that the manufacturer is touting. Doing so will help ensure your dog gets an effective CBD oil specially formulated just for them.

What are the Benefits of Dog CBD Oil?

So far, you’ve read about how major and minor cannabinoids work to stimulate receptors that provide dogs with the natural effects of CBD for a happier, healthier life.

But what exactly is it that CBD can do to benefit your dog?

The answer to that question is harder to answer than one might think. Although many peer-reviewed studies have been completed, there is not a critical mass of scientific evidence to back up claims about its efficacy – especially for pets.

That being said, the best CBD for dogs is assumed to have the same effects on animals as it does on humans since research does show that dogs have an incredibly complex endocannabinoid system that may be more responsive to CBD than the system in humans.

Mobility issues

Whether your dog recently suffered an injury or has trouble moving due to advanced age, CBD oil may give them the support they need to get around more easily. 

Relief from pain, inflammation, stiffness, and other issues related to mobility is among the top customer-reported benefits of CBD oil, and the compound antagonizes CB2 receptors that modulate the activity of cytokines, helping to reduce inflammation and improve overall mobility.

Anxiety & stress

The ability of CBD to trigger the endocannabinoid system and provide calming effects via the serotonin receptor has long been touted as one of its primary benefits for humans, but it may also prove therapeutic for dogs with anxiety or stress issues. 

For dogs with bad separation anxiety, loud noise sensitivity, or fear of new places, CBD oil may be able to provide them with lasting relief that keeps them calm and friendly.

Autoimmune issues

Many dogs experience autoimmune issues due to aging, poor diet, or environmental factors. By managing the endocannabinoid system and modulating cytokines, CBD oil may be able to reduce skin, fur, pain, and digestive issues caused by common canine autoimmune disorders such as lupus, irritable bowel disorder, or diabetes.

Epilepsy & seizures

Research has shown that CBD oil can help provide relief from seizures and epilepsy in humans, and the same is thought to be true for dogs, according to early ongoing studies. With its powerful neuroprotectant properties, CBD may be key to reducing or eliminating seizures in dogs suffering from epilepsy

Many of these medical theories are related to CBD’s ability to act on GABA receptors, which helps to regulate neuronal excitability and ease the frequency of seizures.

How To Administer CBD Oil to a Dog

Dog CBD oil is administered the same way you would give it to a human: simply squeeze the rubber top to fill the dropper with the desired amount, and then administer all at once or a few drops at a time throughout the day as needed.

Sublingual dosing under the tongue is the most common way to administer CBD to both humans and dogs. However, some dogs may not enjoy the taste of CBD oil or the process of administering the tincture.

In these cases, pet owners can put drops directly into their dog’s food or water dish to mask the taste without compromising the CBD oil’s effectiveness. For pet parents wanting to make their own CBD dog treats, the application of drops on soft chews, biscuits, and other goodies is also an excellent option for administering CBD oil.

As for when to give your dog CBD oil, that will depend on a few different factors related to their specific wellness needs. 

For example, dogs who suffer from separation anxiety when you go to work, school, or a night out, should be given CBD oil no less than 30 minutes before departure. This provides enough time for the effects to kick in and last through the day or night while you are gone.

If your dog has an acute injury from an accident or dog fight, CBD oil can be administered as soon as possible after the incident to help reduce swelling and inflammation.

For dogs with trouble with stiffness and mobility, most pet parents find that a dose in the morning to support all-day activity and a dose in the evening to promote restful, pain-free sleep works best.

Finally, if your dog is taking CBD oil for general wellness or to support an ongoing condition, administering CBD oil every day at the same time as part of their daily routine can help ensure effective and sustained results.

What are the Side Effects of Giving CBD Oil to Dogs?

CBD oils contain natural, plant-based ingredients deemed safe for dog consumption. Reputable manufacturers in the CBD industry take meticulous care to create low-dose formulas suited to the unique physiology of dogs, thus reducing the chances of extreme side effects from overconsumption.

However, there are a few minor side effects to watch out for, especially if your dog has never taken CBD oil before or is switching from a CBD edible to a tincture product.

  • Digestive upset: CBD oils can have a laxative effect and cause loose stools, constipation, or even vomiting in some cases. This can be mitigated with smaller doses that gradually increase over time or by administering CBD with or into food.
  • Drowsiness: CBD, especially in higher doses, can cause drowsiness, which is why it’s often used as a supplement for insomnia. Generally speaking, this side effect shouldn’t be extreme or last more than a few hours at most. If your dog appears sedated after taking CBD oil, reduce their dose the next time.
  • Increased thirst: Dogs who have taken CBD oil may experience a temporary increase in thirst as their body adjusts to the salivary effects of CBD. A full water dish before and after administering CBD oil can ensure your dog stays hydrated and avoids any discomfort.

Extreme side effects to watch out for include intense lethargy, excessive whining, and visible discomfort. These usually result from low-quality products containing untested and/or unsafe ingredients. That is why it is always important to do your research before purchasing any CBD oils for dogs.

Because CBD oils are considered a dietary supplement, they shouldn’t be relied on as a replacement for traditional medication or professional veterinary care. If your dog is ill, seek advice from a vet before giving them CBD oil and follow their dosage instructions carefully.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will CBD oils give my dog more energy?

The effects of CBD oils vary from dog to dog, but in general, most dog owners report better balance and support of their dog’s natural energy levels. In some cases, pet parents report increased activity after giving their dogs full or broad-spectrum CBD oil containing high levels of CBG.

  1. How quickly will my dog see the results of CBD oil?

The results of CBD oils can vary depending on the specific condition being treated and the dosage used. Generally speaking, pet parents report that the results can be seen within 30 to 60 minutes of administering CBD oils, with improvements becoming more pronounced over time. It is important to continue using CBD oil for at least two weeks before assessing its effects on your dog.

  1. How do I know if my CBD tincture has hemp seed oil?

Reputable manufacturers include a full ingredient list detailing everything inside their CBD oil. Often this information is located right under the product description, and sometimes it is located a bit further down the page. This section should let you know if the product is made with hemp seed oil, MCT oil, or a different carrier oil to facilitate absorption.

Give Your Dog the Best CBD Oil

Dogs deserve high-quality CBD oils to support their chronic and acute wellness needs. With CBD oil, pet parents can support symptoms of development and aging without relying on synthetic solutions that can sometimes make matters worse.

For the best chance of keeping your pup happy and healthy for years to come, consider purchasing CBD oils from any of the vendors on this list. Chosen for their quality, testing protocols, and commitment to pet safety, these companies will provide your furriest family member with the best CBD oil for their needs.

Summary of the Best Recommended CBD Oils for Dogs

  1. CBDfx – Overall Best CBD Oil for Dogs
  2. Penelope’s Bloom – Best for Long Car Rides
  3. Honest Paws – Best for Autoimmune Issues
  4. Batch – Best for Daily Consumption
  5. Anxious Pet – Best for Mood Support