Best People Search Sites & Apps, Top 10 Websites Reviewed in 2022


With troves of people search sites and applauding themselves as the best, it can be quite overwhelming trying to discern the top platforms from the not-so-great ones. And, it doesn’t help that there are so many best people search sites right now. 

However, through monitoring and reviewing people finder sites for a while now, we have cherry-picked the most reputed people search engines to give you the most extensive, accurate, and comprehensive search reports.

This compilation of the top background check services today has the best-suited sites to help you find that old pal, locate family, verify professional relations, find out detailed information about an acquaintance, and more.

Read on!

Disclaimer: TruthFinder, Intelius, and Instant Checkmate does not provide Consumer Reports and is not a Consumer Reporting Agency under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Do not use this information for consumer credit, employment, or tenant screening.


Best People Search Sites

  1. Intelius: Best overall 
  2. Instant Checkmate: Great for looking into criminal history 
  3. TruthFinder: Very detailed reports
  4. Spokeo: Cheapest people-finder 
  5. Public Seek: Easiest to use people search engine
  6. Infotracer: Most specific people-finder 
  7. BeenVerified:  Great old pals and family 
  8. US Search: Longest standing people search engine
  9. Backgroundchecks.com: Excellent people search service for businesses
  10. InfoMart: Caters to a wide selection of industries


1. Intelius – Most Accurate Public Records Search Service


  • Very detailed reports
  • Wide search options
  • Sources from over 20 billion public records
  • Simple user interface
  • Quick turnovers
  • Reputable, with excellent ratings
  • Huge database of public records


  • Limited to the US

Established in 2003, Intelius leads the pack as one of the most reputable people and background search companies today. 

If you’re looking for a seamless day-to-day people search engine, Intelius might be the best option. Better still, the people search platform scours through millions records, giving you a good base to discover tons of information about that new neighbor, or date.

Usability: 4.9/5

Building its whole outlook on simplicity, Intelius stands out with an intuitive web design. Just from the first page, you’ll be able to see the search parameters, with instinctive hints on what you need to put in for a quick and stress-free search.

Again, with the wide public records it sources from, the site seems to do a great job presenting that information in really digestible bits, hence giving you an easy time picking through results.

Features: 5/5

Seeking to give the best odds of finding what you’re looking for, Intelius provides you with wide search parameters.

You can confidently look up someone with the standard people search, where just with someone’s first and last name, you can glean a variety of public record and criminal details. To refine the search further, you can add the person’s state or city for more accurate results.

Additionally, there’s the reverse phone and address lookup that you can use to unmask information behind a new phone number or find property records respectively. The reverse address lookup works very well if you’re looking to get a mortgage. 

What Can Uncover: 4.9/5

Intelius seems to hold their weight on giving you in-depth and up-to-date reports on people and property. Maybe, the results might even surpass your expectations.

Some information an Intelius search can unearth include but isn’t limited to;

  • Social media profiles
  • Arrest records
  • Traffic offenses
  • Misdemeanors
  • Sexual offenses
  • Court records
  • Family members and relatives
  • Address history
  • Phone number
  • Assets
  • Bankruptcies

Pricing: 4.9/5

The platform offers a basic information search for free. With this, you can find more primary information about someone like their age or places they have lived. However, for more exhaustive reports you’ll have to get a paid subscription.

The good thing is that the subscription fees are currently more affordable than most people search sites. Moreover, considering the wide range of information you’re getting and the ease of use, then we’d say Intelius gives you great value for money.

Price summary;

1-month unlimited reports – $24.86/month

2-month unlimited reports – $21.13/month ($42.25 charged every 60 days)

FCRA Disclaimer – Intelius does not provide Consumer Reports and is not a Consumer Reporting Agency under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Do not use this information for consumer credit, employment, or tenant screening


2. Instant Checkmate – Top Criminal Background Check Service


  • Toll-free call support
  • Detailed criminal records
  • Quick & precise reports
  • Can download reports in PDF
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Reputable


  • Single reports aren’t available

Basically the ‘detective’ in the group, Instant Checkmate helps to keep yourself and your loved ones safe by disclosing any criminal history on just about anyone quickly.

To give you some assurance, the background check service is accredited with an A+ BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating, thus solidifying its legitimacy as a great people search site.

Usability: 4.9/5

Starting off, Instant Checkmate combines an instant search function with an instinctive navigation bar to give you a seamless search experience.

Instant Checkmate equally does a great job offering even the most detailed reports in precise form, so rest assured you won’t spend loads of time poring through a report for specifics.

On the whole, you probably won’t have a challenge using the site, but in case you do, the service has quite a responsive and toll-free call support that you can reach out to.

Features: 4.9/5

Instant Checkmate offers 4 main direct search options;  people search, reverse phone lookup search, a criminal and arrest records search, and finally an inmate search.

The people search only requires someone’s name and the city they live in to reveal information about them. Also, it helps that with just someone’s phone number, you can help ease off some stress by uncovering details about a strange caller.

Undoubtedly Instant Checkmate’s biggest feature yet, the criminal records search scours through an avalanche of records. The best part is, you can narrow down and sift the criminal background checks by state, city, and even zip code.

Finally, for people looking to reconnect with long-lost friends or family who might have been incarcerated, the inmate search offers a quick look into the country’s prisons, jails, and more.

What Instant Checkmate Can Uncover: 4.8/5

Being an all-around background check platform, Instant Checkmate does a lot more than uncover criminal past. 

Here are a couple of details that Instant Checkmate can potentially lift the lid on;

  • Location History
  • Address history
  • Birth and death records
  • Phone number
  • Relatives
  • Social media profiles
  • Weapon permits
  • Arrest records
  • Court records
  • Felonies

Pricing: 4.8/5

Offering relatively pricier subscription options than its biggest competitors, Instant Checkmate still gives a good balance between price and value, especially if you’re committing for a while. 

Only, you won’t be able to purchase a single report, and you’ll have to pay an extra $1.99 to download reports in PDF, which is not all bad for a tangible point of reference.

Price summary;

  • 1-month unlimited reports – $35.12/month
  • 3-month unlimited reports – $28.09/month

FCRA Disclaimer – Instant Checkmate does not provide Consumer Reports and is not a Consumer Reporting Agency under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Do not use this information for consumer credit, employment, or tenant screening


3. Truthfinder – Best People Finder Site for In-depth Reports


  • Multiple search options
  • Dark Web Scan available
  • Toll-free call customer support
  • A+ BBB rating
  • Straightforward to use
  • In-depth reports


  • Pricier

Having launched in 2015, TruthFinder might not be one of the old-timer people search services – but it has grown to be one of the most popular background check companies today.

Claiming more than 60,000 5-Star reviews, TruthFinder does appear to be worth their salt towards giving you accurate and comprehensive reports. Even more, an A+ BBB rating further lends credibility to their reputation.

Usability: 4.9/5

Standing as one of the most effortless people search engines to use, TruthFinder leans on a minimalistic site with a pleasant user interface. Basically, the whole site is neatly organized on its immediate web page, making it easy to search.

To complement everything is an Android mobile app, which means wherever you are, you can make a search and speedily unfold information about an acquaintance.

Features: 4.9/5

Providing a wide selection of avenues to make a search, you can look into someone on TruthFinder using the people search, reverse phone lookup, public records, and background check. 

And, you can do this using someone’s name, phone number, email address, or even address.

The People and Background Search are particularly great options to verify online dates, connect with estranged family or friends, look up a new roommate, or even find out what appears on your own check. 

Besides that, TruthFinder goes through millions of public records to give you the best possible look at a person’s criminal records, arrest records, public information, and more to keep yourself safe. 

With the digitalization of the world today, people are fairly prone to identity theft. To ensure your information isn’t getting used for illegal activities by cyber criminals online, you can perform a Dark Web Scan. 

In fact, the scan doesn’t only search but also monitors the web for possible future identity theft.

What TruthFinder Can Uncover: 4.9/5

With the millions of public records it digs through, it’s by no chance that TruthFinder offers possibly the most exhaustive search results. 

Information you could possibly discover from a detailed report on TruthFinder include;

  • Criminal history
  • Arrest records
  • Traffic offenses
  • Contact information 
  • Education history
  • Employment history
  • Birth & death records
  • Social media accounts
  • Dating profiles
  • Location history
  • Dating site profiles
  • Possible relatives & family members

Pricing: 4.7/5

TruthFinder is a more premium service, and might not be the cheapest option. But, if you desire high-quality and detailed reports, then TruthFinder is well-suited for that.

Nonetheless, TruthFinder’s reverse phone lookup is absolutely free if you want to just unveil some basic information about a new caller. 

Price summary;

  • 1-month unlimited reports – $28.05/month
  • 3-month unlimited reports – $23.28/mo (Power Users – Billed at $46.56 every two months) 

FCRA Disclaimer – TruthFinder does not provide Consumer Reports and is not a Consumer Reporting Agency under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Do not use this information for consumer credit, employment, or tenant screening


4. Spokeo – Most Affordable People Searching Website


  • Automatic updates on searches
  • Affordable & quick
  • Reports downloadable in PDF
  • Simple user interface


  • Limited on criminal records

Looking for a budget-friendly people search company? You might have just found it.

Displaying a good balance between affordability and wide searches, Spokeo seems to be the sweet spot for people looking for fairly casual information on a person.

The site claims to secure its information from about 12 billion records. To illustrate their legitimacy, you’d want to know that they’ve attracted recognition from reputed publishers like Forbes and New York Times.

Usability: 4.9/5

Spokeo checks the main boxes that make a great website; an orderly interface with organized white spaces. Suffice to say, you won’t have trouble using Spokeo, even if you’re totally new to search sites.

If you encounter some trouble, the site’s customer service and search assistant team look to work quite fast to solve any issues.

Features 4.7/5

While still being intentional in keeping everything straightforward, Spokeo doesn’t have tons of features, but it has all the basic functions of a great background check company.

Using a name, phone number, email address, and even physical address, Spokeo can find a wide range of information on someone. 

Matter of fact, from the largely positive customer reviews, the reverse address lookup is proving to be a great way to find out more about a property.

One of Spokeo’s most important features however must be the automatic updates. This means that in case of any development, Spokeo will update your report and alert you to even give you a more accurate look into that friend, family, or associate.

What Spokeo Can Uncover: 4.7/5

Spokeo has a more casual ring to it, so it’s a great option for finding deep, personal information.

Here’s what you expect to see;

  • Contact information
  • Location history
  • Family $ associates
  • Social media accounts
  • Criminal records
  • Personal details
  • Wealth records

Pricing: 4.8/5

We must say that Spokeo is pretty rewarding for its price. Being the cheapest people search service here, the site remains committed to giving you quality reports and value for your commitment.

Price Summary;

  • 1-month membership – $19.95
  • 2-month membership – $14.95


5. Public Seek – Very Straightforward People Search App


  • Offer report monitoring
  • Updates database every 24 hours
  • Individual reports available
  • $1.00 one-day trial available


  • Full report only on subscription

For users that’d like a prompt and straight-to-the-point experience getting information on their own online footprint, out-of-touch pals, their kid’s friends, or associates, Public Seek is a great place to start.

The site states that they get their information from a database of more than 10 billion updated records, thus giving you a good chance at getting really reliable reports.

Usability: 4.8/5

Unlike most of the sites earlier mentioned, Public Seek takes a different approach with a more modern yet still pleasant web interface. 

Giving different options to bring to light possible information about someone, you can look up anyone with their name, address, or email. 

Also, the site boasts an effective and equally easy-to-use mobile app that you can use for immediate on-the-go searches.

Features: 4.7/5

Save for giving you different search parameters, Public Seek provides perhaps one of the most updated reports.

Besides, the people finder and search site bills itself in profile monitoring and updating their records every 24 hours, so you can be sure to get real-time updates on new developments.

Lastly, you can buy one-time reports on Public Seek, which makes it a sport for spontaneous quick searches.

What Public Seek Can Uncover: 4.7/5

Public Seek is a top site for somewhat light and fast searches. That said, the site can still pull quite decent and helpful criminal background details to help you ensure the safety of your loved ones.

Information you can uncover on Public Seek include;

  • Social profiles
  • Criminal & arrest records
  • Sex offenses
  • Dating profiles
  • Birth details
  • Phone numbers
  • Professional licenses
  • Weapon permits

Pricing: 4.7/5

Offering quite a fair price for its services, we’d say Public Seek offers great value, maybe – even more – when you consider that you might be getting updates on past searches. 

Price summary;

  • 1-day trial – $1.00
  • 1-month plan – $26.87/month
  • 2-month plan – $46.96 total


6. Infotracer – Best People Lookup for Specifics


  • Assuring 4.2 Trustpilot score
  • Deep Web Scan available
  • Unique search options
  • 24/7 call support


  • Only paid subscribers access full reports

Infotracer seems to understand the aspect of privacy and time-saving. 

For this, it’s possible to look for only pinpoint information on someone without getting a full-on report that might not always have the relevant information you need.

To give you some confidence, it’s fitting to mention that Infotracer has been helping people make background checks for over 11 years now, with over 25 million searches done on the site.

Usability: 4.7/5

Compared to other people search engines ranked higher here, Infotracer doesn’t fall far behind as far as a great user experience is concerned. This is because the site takes a similar approach with a basic search feature layered on a painless user experience. 

In addition, you can go to the search section on the navigation bar and pick out exactly what you want your search to uncover, and we find that pretty resourceful for a fast and precise search.

Features: 4.6/5

It’s quite fascinating that apart from the usual people, phone, address, and email search that many sites tout, Infotracer also lets you look up someone using their social media username, which is quite a great feature for looking into online dates.

To make sure your information is safe, you could also take advantage of the Dark Web Search to look into potential online criminal activity using your personal details

Moreover, you can make a search using an IP address to know more about a place you might be moving into. 

To cap off you can also use a vehicle’s license plate or VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) to get details on a vehicle, past owners, and more. 

What Infotracer Can Uncover: 4.7/5

Scanning a variety of personal, civil court, and criminal court records, Infotracer can disclose details about a person, a place, or property.

An Infotracer report can have;

  • Political contributions
  • Bankruptcy details
  • Criminal & arrest records
  • Marriage & divorce records
  • Birth & death records
  • Social media accounts
  • Court judgments

Pricing: 4.6/5

Infotracer ties up all its services by awarding you affordable memberships.

In addition, you could do some searches for free, only you won’t access the whole report. If you’re looking for a wholesome search, then a fair subscription gets you that.

Price summary;

  • 1-month subscription – $14.95/month


7. BeenVerified – Great for Locating Old Friends and Family


  • Variety of search tools
  • Android & iOS mobile apps
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • $1 trial available


  • Some searches might take long

Ever wondered what became of an old classmate, friend, or family member?

BeenVerified gives you the opportunity to track down old connections by browsing through billions of trusted sources

Usability: 4.6/5

Not only does BeenVerified provide a smooth website experience, but the site also has Android and iOS mobile apps to add some convenience to your searches. 

Along with that is, the platform presents reports in really understandable chunks, even with visualizations to help accompany the information.

Features: 4.5/6

BeenVerified is undeniably a great people search platform, allowing you to manage your own online reputation, or discover information on other people using their names, phone numbers, email addresses, and social media usernames.

Plus the site is also a good place to find records about property and vehicles with its Vehicle VIN and reverse address search for people mostly trying to assess the value of a car or house.

Although not really popular, the site also has a business-to-business and unclaimed money search to help people find more about their customers and locate unclaimed money and assets that they might be entitled to.

What BeenVerified Can Uncover: 4.4/5

For everyday searches, BeenVerified is a fantastic option. Here is what it can uncover:

  • Contact information
  • Criminal & court records
  • Vehicle records
  • Caller ID
  • Property records
  • Personal details

Pricing: 4.3/5

BeenVerified might not offer the cheapest monthly membership, but if you commit to the site, expect to pay as little as $19.49 monthly for unlimited searches and reports.

Price summary;

  • 1-month membership – $29.99/month
  • 3-month membership – $19.49/month


8. US Search – Most Reputable People Search Website


  • More than 25 years in business
  • Affordable basic information searches
  • Fast results


  • Limited criminal records
  • Pricey detailed reports

Launched in 1993, US Search is the veteran of people search engines.  

Working best for people trying to locate acquaintances, US Search pores through local, state, and federal records to realize largely general, basic details about people. Even so, you could still use the site to find information about a property.

Usability: 4.5/5

Although established in 1993, US Search has kept up with the times with a flawless user design, providing a guided step-by-step method into making a search using someone’s name, phone number, or address.

Features: 4.3/5

The hallmark of US Search lies with its quick reports, in just a couple of minutes, you’ll be able to get search results with detailed contact details. Above all is that the website stores your reports for one year, making it easy to return for reference.

What US Search can uncover: 4.3/5

A top site for combing through primary information about people and property, here’s what you may find from a US Search report;

  • Phone numbers
  • Personal details
  • Employment & education history
  • Social profiles
  • Property ownership & value

Pricing: 4.4/5

For one-time reports, US Search offers one of the cheapest rates, but you’ll have to pay a premium to access fuller reports.

Price summary;

  • 1-month unlimited searches – $19.86
  • Reverse Phone Lookup – $1.99


9. Backgroundchecks.com – Great for Businesses


  • FCRA compliant
  • Tailored plans available
  • Been around since 1999


  • Some reports may take a while
  • Pricey

Catering to mostly small to mid-sized businesses, Backgroundchecks.com has been assisting employers create a secure work environment for about 23 years now.

Usability: 4.3/5

Backgroundchecks.com is generally optimized for businesses, hence it might seem a tad complicated for people that want to conduct personal checks. Nonetheless, once you click on the business or personal check, it becomes rather simple to use.

Features: 4.2/5

Solely a people search service, Backgroundchecks.com has wide access to criminal databases, which you can even specify by state. 

On top of this is that basic criminal searches are almost instant, but the site can also retrieve the most in-depth criminal report in less than 3 days.

What Backgroundchecks.com Can Uncover: 4.1/5

Whether you’re trying to authenticate future employees or generally running a check on someone, Backgroundchecks.com can unfold;

  • Criminal past
  • Bankruptcies
  • Contact information
  • Employment & education history
  • Traffic violation
  • Family members & associates

Pricing: 4.1/5

Since Backgrounchecks.com is mostly tailored for businesses, its searches are pricier. Still, you could contact customer support to create a tailored plan for your business.

Price summary;

  • Instant criminal records – $29.95/report
  • Through local criminal report – $49.95/report
  • Most thorough criminal report – $64.95.report


10. InfoMart  – Tailored People Search Engine for Industries



  • 100% FCRA certified
  • Customized plans
  • Industry-specific searches


  • Confusing pricing
  • Inclined to large businesses

For employers aiming to get the most complete employee background check, InfoMart aims to give you a qualified workforce through conducting industry-specific searches. Furthermore, the platform is 100% FCRA certified, so you can trust its services.

Usability: 4.2/5

With tons of search tools, InfoMart might be one of the most complicated people search sites here. However, the site’s navigation bar simplifies everything by directing you to everything the site offers.

Features: 4.1/5

With an average turnaround time of 1 day, InfoMart gives you faster results compared to other employee screening companies. 

Again, the site is well-reputed for industry-specific screenings, which allows for tailored searches that would lead to the most relevant and accurate results.

What InfoMart Can Uncover: 3.9/5

Like many employee screening platforms, an InfoMart search can reveal;

  • Criminal records
  • Traffic offenses
  • Education & employment
  • Personal & contact details
  • Bankruptcy details

Pricing: 3.9/5

The company provides tailored plans for companies depending on size and industry, this way you can find something to fit your bill regardless of your company size.

Best People Search Engines – Buying Guide

What Is the Best Site To Find Someone?

Intelius is the best site to find someone. 

The website provides in-depth reports by browsing through more than 20 billion records. Additionally, Intelius gives one of the most detailed contacts and personal details in its reports, hence making it relatively easier to track down someone you had lost contact with.

Are There Any Free People Search Sites?

Well, yes, there are a couple of free people search sites. 

However, most people search sites pay to get their information from reputed sources hence why you need to pay for searches on many search engines to get anything more than basic results.

Even so,  Intelius, Infotracer, and TruthFinder offer some basic searches for free.

How To Find Out Where Someone Lives?

Depending on the people search site, you can find someone’s general details using their name, phone number, social media username, and even their email address

Usually, these reports contain address and location history addresses that you can use to find out where someone lives. 

Also, most of the time a report would list possible relatives and friends which you could also use as leads to find out where someone lives.

Can I Find Someone Just by Using Their Name?

Yes, you can find someone just by using their name. 

However, for someone with a popular name, the search results would be really wide. To have a better shot at finding someone using their name, it would be great if you had information on the state or city they lived in to narrow down the search.

Tips on Choosing the Best People Search Site

The most reputed people search engines guarantee the best odds at relevant and accurate information about someone. 

Here are tips you could use to choose the best people site;


It’s no secret that the best people search sites have tons of great user reviews. 

A good place to start is to check social forums and network platforms like Quora, Reddit, Facebook, and more to figure out what users think of best people search sites for a genuine look into reputation.

Site Database

Site database suggests how much information a people search company can get on a person or property. 

It’s important to pick a site that gets its information from a wide well of databases, like the sites reviewed above which dig information from millions and billions of public records.

User Experience

The best people search engines should have a simple user interface to allow for a pleasant experience using the site. 

Above that, the search parameters should also be intuitive and fast to give everyone – experienced or not – an easy time finding what they’re looking for.


Generally, most people search engines offer relatively similar pricing for their services. But also, more expensive people finder sites will tend to offer more thorough reports.

However, the information might not necessarily be relevant to you. Considering this, your best bet would be to go for sites that offer prices around the average of what most sites charge for affordability and accurate searches.


Best People Search Websites Comparison: Top 3


People Search Site

Unique Features

Standout Report details



  • 20+ billion public records
  • US only
  • Report visualizations 
  • Reverse phone & address search
  • Arrest records
  • Traffic offenses
  • Court records
  • Assets
  • Contact and personal details
  • Social media profiles
  • 1-month – $24.86/month
  • 2-month – $21.13/month

Instant Checkmate

  • Criminal reports
  • PDF reports
  • Toll-free call support
  • Reverse phone, criminal records & inmate search options
  • Location history
  • Birth and death records
  • Relatives
  • Social media profiles
  • Arrest & court records
  • Felonies
  • Misdemeanors
  • 1-month – $35.12/month


  • Dark Web Scan
  • Toll-free call support
  • Free reverse phone search
  • Education & employment history
  • Dating profiles
  • Criminal records
  • Contact information 
  • Location history
  • 1-month – $28.05/month
  • $23.28/mo (Power Users – Billed at $46.56 every two months) 


How To Get Started With People Search Sites


1. Sign Up for Your Preferred Service.

Click signup and enter your first name, last name, and verify your email.


2. Pick a Subscription.

Select the most suitable payment plan for yourself and the most ideal payment method to use.


3. Make a Search.

Once your account has been activated go to the search bar and enter your/someone’s name, phone number, email address, social media username, and more depending on what the site allows.


4. Refine the Search.

The site might ask you to provide extra details to narrow down your search. Here you can add someone’s state, city, religion, just to mention a few.


5. View Your Results.

When your results are ready you’ll get a prompt to view the report.


What Is the Best Site To Search for a Person?

There it is, the best people and background check services for finding diverse and accurate information about someone else or even yourself within just a few clicks. 

To get you going, Intelius just pips the other sites to the top spot for its access to billions of public records, wide search parameters, and fast accurate search reports. 

Still, not far off, Instant Checkmate and TruthFinder are other popular alternatives with extensive searches and detailed reports.

NOTE: For purposes of employee, tenant, and consumer credit screening, it’s important that you only use FCRA compliant people search sites.