17 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Views From the Most Reputed Websites


We live in a golden age of social media influencers. That is true on all social media platforms and especially on Instagram. 

In 2020, more than 47 percent of Instagram influencers had 5,000 to 20,000 Instagram followers. More than 28 percent of influencers have 20,000 to 100,000 Instagram followers on their Instagram accounts.

There are many ways an Instagram account can earn influencers real money. They can enjoy multiple revenue streams through an Instagram profile. 

All of those avenues begin with more engagement, more exposure, and more views. Are you looking for ways to get more Instagram views? Read on below for some inspiration to up your view count and become an Instagram sensation.  

Below you will find a list of the 17 best sites to buy Instagram views from that you can trust to get the job done right. 

1. Likes.io 

Likes.io is here to help you buy real Instagram views and likes. You can also buy followers on Instagram! They will provide you with views, likes, and followers via instant delivery. You can trust you will get all the premium views you purchased. 

Once you buy Instagram views from Likes.io, you will start seeing them within minutes. They guarantee a refund if your order is not fulfilled and offer 24/7 customer support for your convenience. 

The big media sites US Magazine, Economic Times, Devdiscourse, Gritdaily, Madison, Stltoday, Buffalonews, Business review, Abc15, Fox13now, and Tampabay reviewed and recommended Likes.io as the #1 Instagram service provider

With affordable prices and quality service, Likes.io blows many other services out of the water. Never worry about fake accounts or fake views ever again! All Instagram views purchased through Likes.io are 100% real.

Here is a simple, safe way to buy Instagram video views and watch your organic views grow by leaps and bounds. 

Buy Instagram views from Likes.io for as little as $1.99

2. Stormlikes.net

You can find many other social media services that only offer fake views, likes, and followers from fake accounts. 

When you choose stormlikes, you can rest assured that you are buying likes, views, and followers from genuine Instagram accounts run by real people. 

You can buy high-quality Instagram views and watch your profile grow. They will get started as soon as you make your purchase, and before you know it, your views will be through the roof. 

Stormlikes is a customer-focused company that prioritizes customer support. They are passionate about customer satisfaction and will provide instant delivery once your transaction is complete. In a few minutes, you will start seeing results. 

#1 Rated site for 100% safe Buy Instagram views from stormlikes.net so you will not be disappointed. 

3. Followers.io 

If you are determined to take your Instagram account to new heights, look no further! Followers.io is the perfect way to buy Instagram views, followers, and likes. 

Say goodbye to bot accounts and customer service headaches from other service providers. Buying Instagram views has never been so simple. 

Followers.io uses a strategic approach to target specific accounts and get you the coveted views you have been waiting on. They work fast, and you can count on instant delivery when you buy from followers.io. 

If you do not see increased engagement quickly, their dedicated customer support team will work hard to make it right. No password is required, only your Instagram username and a valid form of payment.

Then you will be delighted to see real, active users viewing your content. Over time, this will lead to more followers and more likes. Or you could buy those from followers.io instead. 

4. Social-viral.com

When you buy Instagram views, you need to do it from a reputable source. Social-viral.com offers just that. They provide high-quality services for anyone buying Instagram views, followers, or likes. 

It is super simple. Choose a package, fill out your info, and watch your Instagram profile flourish. There is no password required, and you will enjoy instant delivery when you buy Instagram video views from social-viral.com 

They have a satisfaction guarantee you will love and a 24 hours customer support team who ensures you get what you need. They offer many different payment packages to suit any budget. 

Whether you post an Instagram video, a story, or an image, you will enjoy quick results and satisfying growth almost immediately. Before you know it, your posts will be all over the explore page.

5. buyiglikesfast.com

If you want to buy Instagram views and want to see them fast, you can’t beat buyiglikesfast.com’s speed and efficiency. 

This comprehensive service offers an organized, coordinated strategy to get Instagram video views without hassle. Trust this respected service to provide instant delivery and impressive results with no password required. 

All you need is an Instagram username and a source of payment. Then you can join the hundreds of satisfied customers who have left rave reviews about this service. 

Buyiglikesfast.net is one of the best Instagram promotion teams around and they offer services to users buying Instagram views in the USA, Canada, France, Brazil, Germany, and the UK. 

6. followerscart.com

Buying Instagram views from followerscart.com is simple, quick, and fool-proof. If you need more views for your Instagram video, story, or photo then you can rely on followerscart.com to provide them. 

They offer several different Instagram view packages for every budget and even offer help from expert consultants to help you find which package is right for you. 

You don’t have to share your Instagram password, just your username, and payment method. After that, your Instagram views are on their way! If they don’t arrive as expected, the customer support team will come to your rescue. 

7. socialsup.net

With socialsup.net, buying Instagram views for a cheap price is easy as 1, 2, 3. The whole process will only take a few minutes and the results will blow your mind.

There is no password required for purchase, just your account username and a valid form of payment. You will receive real views, with no bots or fake accounts involved.

Those views will land your content on the explore page and help your Instagram grow. If your Instagram video views have been lagging or you have never drummed up enough, socialsup.net can help you reach your goals. 

8. buy-targeted-views.com

Anyone buying Instagram views is looking to grow their social media reach. With buy-targeted-views.com you can do just that. You can do it fast and affordable too!

When you buy Instagram views from buy-targeted-views.com you will see results in a few minutes to a few hours. They use an organic system to target Instagram users and naturally grow your page views safely. 

You can buy likes, followers, and views from over 30 different countries! The views will be delivered gradually so as not to get your account flagged or banned for violating Instagram terms of service.

9. buysocialmediamarketing.com

For anyone struggling to find a digital agency they trust to buy Instagram views from, you won’t regret giving buysocialmediamarketing.com a try! 

They are a reliable company that is an expert in growing your social media empire one view at a time. 

Even if you already have many followers and likes, you may not be seeing the view counts you want. That’s where buysocialmediamarketing.com comes in handy. You can pay for your new views with a credit card or you can pay with Bitcoin. 

10. feedpixel.com

If you want to get your Instagram posts all the traction they deserve, you will need to get them noticed. You can quickly achieve this goal when you buy Instagram views from feedpixel.com. 

Your views will come from real accounts so you can achieve organic growth without worrying about bots and fake accounts. You will double your chances of growing your Instagram page with ease. 

There are several packages to choose from and all your purchases will remain safe and secure. 

11. us.superviral.io

Once you buy Instagram views from a digital marketing agency, you expect fast results and  Us.superviral.io will instantly provide a boost to your social media account as soon as you pay. 

You are paying for real views, likes, and follows from real flesh and blood users. 

You can also rest easy knowing they provide 24/7 world-class customer care. You can message them any time and they will get back lightning fast. 

12. instashop.today

Instashop. today is a great place to buy Instagram views and boost your social media presence organically. You can start boosting your Instagram with high-quality views from people, not bots.

You never have to provide a password to place your order and Instashop’s dedicated team will quickly get to work to provide you with the results you have been waiting for. 

They make it easier than ever to buy Instagram views safely. 

13. lightninglikes.com

Lightninglikes.com has some of the best prices around for those looking to buy Instagram views. 

Whether you are a social media maven or just starting, you will find the right package for your unique needs. 

Your views will start coming in about 2 to 15 minutes after you make a purchase and you can also opt for automatic view packages so you can always have the high view count you want. 

14. subscriberz.com

There are a lot of qualities that go into a good Instagram view management package. 

You want fast delivery, organic views, robust customer support, and discretion. Subscriberz.com provides all of these things for a great price point. 

You can buy Instagram views from a lot of services online, but lots of them use bots and can get your account banned. Not with subscriberz.com. 

They also use a drip-feed method to ensure you are not flagged for violating Instagram TOS. 

15. social-infinity.com

Sometimes you want to know there is someone on the other end of your purchase so you don’t have to worry about errors or mistakes. 

Social-infinity.com is a great place to buy Instagram views and they provide a 24/7 active chat system so you can enjoy guidance and help whenever you need it. 

They never ask for your password and your views will never decrease under any circumstance.  

16. socifan.com

It is well worth the money to buy Instagram views if they are organic and safe. 

Socifan.com offers some of the most competitive prices around so you won’t break the bank for this valuable service. 

Double your standard engagement with precision and speed when you opt to try socifan.com. You can choose from several view packages from real people and enjoy ultra-fast delivery too.

17. viewsexpert.com

Trust the service that thousands of other content creators have already tried and loved. 

You can safely buy Instagram views from viewsexpert.com and all you have to do is sit back and relax.

If you are new to social media management or you have tried several services before, viewsexpert.com is sure to impress. With a global reach and competitive pricing, you won’t regret choosing viewsexpert.com.

How to Get Instagram Video Views For Your Instagram Account

Some Instagram users are only interested in sharing photos with friends and family. Other Instagram accounts showcase businesses or build a successful Instagram presence.

Since there are about 1 billion monthly social media users on Instagram, a successful Instagram account can quickly become a lucrative business. 

At that point, a view count can act like an adding machine, tracking revenue with every view as new Instagram followers come rolling in. 

More views usually equate to more Instagram likes and take social media marketing to a new level. 

Of all the social media platforms available, Instagram is the best place to hunt down potential followers and get more views. It is the biggest social media platform on the internet and a thriving digital market. 

Here are plenty of ways to promote Instagram growth and Instagram engagement by drumming up more Instagram views.

High-Quality Content

It probably will not surprise you to learn how the best way to get Instagram views is to upload great Instagram content in your Instagram posts and Instagram stories. 

At its core, Instagram has always been and will always be the most visual of all social media platforms. Unlike other social media platforms, images and Instagram videos are the best way to get more views. 

Your Instagram feed should be full of eye-catching posts that will create interest in your Instagram profile and attract new followers that will give you more views. 

No matter what else you try, if you do not have quality content to share you will probably never gain the Instagram views and Instagram likes you want. 

Organic growth on your Instagram platform begins and ends with content because the content is king

Use At Least 6-10 Hashtags

Hashtags are a part of life online, and they are a great way to attract more Instagram followers and get more video views. 

Instagram hashtags might not strike you as very important, but they are a great way to get more Instagram views and attract other users to check out your account. 

Hashtags allow real users to easily find and follow your content, which will get you lots more Instagram likes and video views. Once a larger audience finds you through your hashtags, you have a better chance of them interacting with your content.

Once that happens, you could affect their Instagram algorithm and pop up more often on their explore page. Naturally, this will net you more Instagram video views. 

When you add hashtags to your photos and Instagram videos, be sure to add between 6 and 10 hashtags so you can better reach other users. Aim for hashtags that are commonly used but are not oversaturated. 

Don’t use the same ones constantly or you could get flagged by Instagram as spam. Once you get the hang of choosing the right hashtags for your Instagram videos, stories, and images, the quality Instagram views will start piling up. 

Location Tagging

A good Instagram social media marketing strategy should always include the location tagging feature. It is a great way to attract real Instagram views and more followers. 

Location tagging ensures that your content is searchable. That leads to more engagement plus more Instagram video views. 

This concept rings especially true for small business Instagram accounts. You always want to make it easier for your target audience to find you. That is a surefire way to drum up more genuine Instagram views. 

Know Your Audience

Speaking of a target audience, you can use the Instagram analytics section to understand your audience better. These analytics is a great social media marketing tool hiding right beneath your nose.

If you are familiar with your audience demographics, you can garner lots more video views, followers, and interactions on your profile. When it comes to social media content, that is a priceless avenue to target your desired social media users. 

Once you know who is watching you, you can better predict what sort of people will be happy to see you pop up on their Instagram explore page. 

The best part about this tool is that you need no social media marketing services. It’s all DIY. 

Buy Views On Instagram 

While all the steps above are vital if you want to see your views count rise, the fastest and most efficient way to get premium views is to buy IG views yourself. You can also buy Instagram likes and buy Instagram followers. 

Purchased Instagram views might sound far-fetched, but I promise they are real. They can also be a game-changer for prospective Instagram users. 

When you purchase Instagram views from a reputable source, you get real Instagram views for your Instagram videos, stories, and pictures. Reputable sites offer instant views from real Instagram users. 

Whether you want Instagram story views, Instagram video views, or just more views on your pictures and memes, buying Instagram views is the quickest way to achieve your deepest desire. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still find yourself with some nagging questions about buying views on your social media account, this FAQ section represents questions asked by users searching for answers just like you. 

Is Buying Views For Instagram Videos Safe?

It is relatively safe if you buy Instagram views from a reputable source. 

It is technically against Instagram’s TOS to artificially inflate your view count, but if it comes from organic users Instagram cannot tell the difference. 

Should I Buy Views For Instagram?

Instagram promotion is difficult, even for savvy social media users. 

If you want to grow your Instagram fast and encourage more engagement quickly you should buy views on Instagram

Can Instagram Detect Fake Followers?

Instagram does have audit tools that detect fake accounts and bots, but if you buy your views from a reputable source they will use real Instagram accounts and you don’t have to worry about it. 

Can You Buy Instagram Reels Views?

Most sites will let you choose from general page views, story views, video views, or Instagram reels views. 

What About Instagram Live?

Yes, some services even offer views for Instagram live.

How Can I Tell If A Site Selling Instagram Views Is Secure?

You should never buy Instagram views from a site that asks you for your password. They should also have a trusted payment portal and plenty of information. 

You should always try to get in touch with customer service before purchasing to make sure they are legitimate. 

How Fast Will Buying Views Make My Account Grow?

Depending on how many views you buy and the quality of your Instagram content, you could start seeing huge results in a few days. 

The Bottom Line

It might seem like a daunting task to grow your Instagram following so your account can thrive, but if you choose one of the websites mentioned above you can reach your goals in no time. 

If you want the visibility you need to get famous and make money on Instagram, buying views is a great shortcut. 

Research your options, make a choice that fits your needs, and watch as your Instagram account explodes with activity and growth. 

So, what are you waiting for? 

Get going and get growing.