7 Best Sites to Buy SoundCloud Plays


SoundCloud is one of the largest online music platforms, with more than 76 million active users. It is a favorite among independent music creators and new artists.

The platform has made many aspiring artists famous, including Post Melone. He uploaded his debut song White Iverson in 2015, which became an instant sensation and earned the artist many accolades.

Looking at these facts, there’s no doubt you can use SoundCloud to promote your music. But how can you become famous as a singer through SoundCloud?

First, you need powerful content and a voice that touches your audience’s heart. Next, a good presentation is necessary to attract more views. Finally, your songs should be impulsively shareable.

But there’s also a shortcut available to expand your audience. Many high-quality websites allow you to buy SoundCloud plays at reasonable prices.

Since people notice if your song has already got some plays or not (wisdom of the crowd), buying SoundCloud plays helps a lot.

Keeping in mind the importance of SoundCloud promotion, we’ll discuss where to buy them. We’ll also clarify your doubts through FAQs and helpful tips.

7 Best Sites to Buy SoundCloud Plays

Buying SoundCloud plays is an economical marketing strategy that is permanent and keeps increasing your song’s popularity with time.

The more plays you have, the more reachable your content will be. Also, you’ll gain important traction in the competitive music industry right from the beginning.

Dozens of websites offer paid services, but not every site provides high-quality SoundCloud plays.

Why do we want to reveal the #1 site in advance?

#1 site is Stormlikes.net

  • Because it serves the major real community 
  • Worked with influencers a lot
  • Genuine and real services

The big publications such as Economic Times, Bmmagazine, Kentreporter, The american reporter, and Dailycal do not hesitate to recommend Stormlikes.net for Soundcloud Services.

We sifted through the internet and found the seven best sites to buy SoundCloud plays for you. These sites are reliable and provide secure methods of getting high-quality plays. With their extensive networks, they offer premium quality plays and do not use spammy methods.

1. Stormlikes.net

If you’re looking for an antidote to spam and fake SoundCloud plays, Stormlikes.net should be your obvious choice.

The site is a favorite among social media experts and marketing gurus. It enjoys unparalleled trust due to its emphasis on quality and providing its customers with the best SoundCloud experience.

Stormlikes.net prides itself on delivering real likes, followers, plays, and views on all social media sites, and SoundCloud is one of its specialties. They provide plays and followers with instant delivery.

Keep in mind that instant delivery does not mean all the plays get delivered at once. Since the site delivers genuine plays instead of relying on fake plays and bot accounts, your order may take a while to complete.

Some users may opt to purchase plays from sites that deliver within hours. However, those sites are harmful to your account.

Stormlikes.net, on the other hand, uses various methods for your content to be noticed. That way, your SoundCloud plays are completely organic in nature.

Stormlikes.net offers multiple packages for different customers. The range of packages is perfect for artists at different levels of their careers.

If you’re a beginner and have budget issues, you can start with just 1000 plays. For companies trying to promote content, there’s an option of buying more than 50k SoundCloud plays.

Additionally, buying SoundCloud plays from Stormlikes.net is straightforward. Choose the plan, enter the track’s link or URL, input your email address, and pay via Apple Pay or debit or credit card.

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2. SMM-World

SoundCloud plays are effective for gaining a better rank in search results and music suggestions by the algorithm. People notice the number of plays on a new song before they click the link to try it out.

You may face difficulties in uplifting your music to get traction as a new singer without many followers on SoundCloud.

That’s why many startups fail to launch, as they lack the necessary marketing strategy. For such startups, SMM-World is a great website that offers cheap SoundCloud plays.

These plays are great for showing people how popular your content is and how many people are already listening to your SoundCloud tracks. It creates an image of popularity for your songs and gives your content a boost.

SMM-World is also an excellent website for purchasing other SoundCloud services, but their specialty is cheap plays. The company claims these are real SoundCloud plays, so you don’t have to worry about spam accounts.

Once you order on their site, the service starts instant processing and delivering plays within hours. The users it provides may also share your songs, but SMM-World does not guarantee that.

Since SMM-World strives to provide the cheapest plays on the market, you’ll find many available packages. The goal is to allow even the newest performer with no money to buy some plays.

Their base package starts at just $0.01 and offers 100 plays. That’s one play for just $0.001!

There are concerns that these plays might come from bot accounts, but the company promises it does not use such tactics.

The only drawback that most users don’t like is you need to sign up or register to their site before you can avail of their services.

3. Likigram

Next on the list of best sites to buy SoundCloud plays and followers is Likigram. They started with Instagram promotions and offered good-quality Instagram followers and video views.

Since then, they have expanded into other social media platforms. They now offer followers, likes, and plays on SoundCloud and earned a good reputation in the marketing world.

The service does not charge you a fortune, so you can purchase SoundCloud plays cheap from them. That said, Likigram is quite expensive when you compare its packages with its competitors on this list.

Stormlikes.net, for example, offers 1k SC Plays for $2.99, while Likigram charges you $9.99 for the same number of plays. That may be because Stormlikes.net is an established brand, while Likigram is just starting.

Nonetheless, the company has good quality SoundCloud plays for its customers and offers fast delivery, so many people are willing to pay the price

 Additionally, each package comes with a refill guarantee. It means that any drop in purchased plays within a given period gets replaced for free. Another good news is that you can get 50 SC plays for free from their website just by providing your post link.

Likigram website also provides a simple way for you to select the package of your choice and order in seconds. No sign-ups are even necessary.

Overall, the site is only recommended for performers and artists with large marketing budgets.

The site has many options, and you can select the package of your choice, from 100 plays to 50k plays. Its prices per play go down when you order in bulk.

4. Songlifty

One of the most professional services in the social media growth industry is Songlifty. They specialize in music promotion and focus mainly on SoundCloud, Spotify, and YouTube.

The service is also available for Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook, but most customers are aspiring young music artists. They use the service for both SoundCloud plays and personal promotion on social media sites.

You can buy cheap SoundCloud plays and likes for as low as $0.49, so even a new artist can afford them. Plus, they offer a high user retention rate, a complimentary service that many other sites don’t provide.

Songlifty successfully made many songs viral because of their intelligent marketing strategy. They don’t only focus on getting you the lowest price SoundCloud plays but also use features such as market geo-targeting.

The company’s refund policies are also reliable, so you can claim your money back if it fails to provide you with the desired results. It also guarantees replacements if the results don’t hold up within a given period.

Such services are highly effective as the search algorithms keep changing, and you lose your rankings. Songlifty covers you for such losses.

Considering the quality of services Sognlifty provides, its rates are highly competitive. On the order page, you’ll see the company offers different packages for promoting your songs.

Not only do they offer track plays. You can also purchase SoundCloud likes, reposts, account followers, and active followers.

The last option is expensive, but you’ll get people from the industry, which increases your chances of being discovered by record label companies.

Ordering from the company is also very straightforward since all the options are already visible. All you’ve to do is tick the right buttons, enter your track’s URL, click Add to Cart, and pay.

That said, the limited payment options, credit or debit cards only, is the largest disadvantage of using Songlifty.

5. Subscriberz

Data privacy concerns are one of the primary reasons people don’t trust growth services. Any good site ensures user privacy and data protection.

One such website is Subscriberz. They deliver high-quality SoundCloud plays without asking you for any personal details.

The service provides fast delivery through real people who follow, like, share, and comment on your songs. These users help in the organic growth of your profile, and the website focuses on a target audience based on interests in music.

Subscriberz does not use fake accounts, bots, or automated systems. Such unethical measures are not only a waste of time but also counterproductive.

Real followers and plays from fans are the only way to grow in the music industry, and that’s where Subscriberz can help you a lot.

Unlike many similar sites, Subscriberz has a high upper limit on the number of plays. You can purchase up to one million plays from their website in a single order.

These plays are cheap, too, so you can rely on their service when you don’t have large marketing budgets. They’re not as expensive as Likigram but provide similar services, which makes them a better option. The service quality and reviews also give their packages credibility.

One major benefit when it comes to Subscriberz is the payment methods available.

The site not only allows you to pay with the credit card of any major company. It also has an option for cryptocurrency, so you can use Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other prominent cryptos to make a payment. A PayPal option is also available, which is more convenient for international users.

6. StarzLand

A rising star in the marketing industry, StarzLand does not offer promotional services for other social media platforms. They only provide their clients with the ultimate SoundCloud experience through real plays, likes, followers, comments, and reposts.

StarzLand allows you to buy SoundCloud plays cheap but does not compromise on their quality. They also care deeply about their customers, so you’ll get your money back if you’re unsatisfied with the order. You can also ask to complete the order at the same price.

Plus, you’ll get 24/7 polite and professional customer support from the company so you can clear your doubts or ask questions of any type.

The site promises fast delivery, but you cannot expect to get your plays within a day if you’re looking for genuine users.

Safety is also a priority at StarzLand, ensuring complete data protection and discretion and providing safe payment options.

Ordering on the website is also super convenient. You just click on your desired number of plays, add the URL to your song, and checkout. No personal details of any kind are needed.

In terms of payment options, you can choose between credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal.

If you’re looking for the lowest prices for SC plays, StarzLand is your best option.

Their starter package offers one play for just five cents, but the minimum number of plays you can order is 1000. You can buy up to 50k plays in a single package at even cheaper prices.

Overall, the company is the best value for the money.

7. Buzzinglikes

An early bird in the marketing world, Buzzinglikes started to provide SoundCloud plays recently. They have a good network on social media sites and know how to promote content.

One of their strengths is audience targeting, for which they use multiple tools. It means that unlike many other companies that deliver plays and likes from across the globe, Buzzinglikes lets you choose which country your plays will come from, including the US, the UK, or other European countries.

Another thing you’ll love most about this social media marketing provider is that Buzzinglikes goes big on content promotion without going big on prices. That’s why you’ll find that their services are relatively cheap, making their offers suitable for everyone.

Despite offering an affordable price of one cent per play, their marketing campaigns are highly effective and credible. The site enjoys a high degree of customer trust hence the high ratings on social media and its own website.

Also, the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you’re unsatisfied. Even better, their customer service is fast and helpful!

Besides Buy SoundCloud Plays, the company offers Buy SoundCloud Followers. You’ll also find Buy Instagram and Buy TikTok Likes and Followers packages that you can avail of if you want to integrate your marketing strategy into other major social media platforms. Most of these packages also allow targeted audiences.

In terms of their Buy SoundCloud Plays packages, you can purchase as low as 100 plays at $0.99, with the highest package offering 10k plays.

You can also choose to prioritize your order for an extra $0.39. Likewise, as mentioned, there’s an option for selecting the desired region for audience targeting, which also costs an extra $0.39.

Choosing Among the Top Options

Buying SoundCloud plays a fast and cheap marketing strategy that can boost your content and make you famous within days. It’s not a replacement for organic plays, but it speeds up the process of content discovery and aids in rankings.

SoundCloud algorithm and listeners both take notice of plays when selecting a song as their favorite. That’s where you can get a lot of help from purchasing SoundCloud plays.

Experts and users both agree that the best site to buy SC plays is Stormlikes.net, as it’s famous for quality, on-time delivery, and highly professional services. There are other alternatives, too, which we’ve discussed above.

Whatever service you choose, make sure not to provide any personal information at any platform and buy only verified services.

FAQs About SoundCloud Plays

First-time buyers always have doubts and apprehensions about buying SC plays from websites and ask many questions. Here, we’ll address all your relevant questions to help you make a more informed decision.

1. Can you buy SoundCloud plays?

Definitely, yes, you can purchase SC plays from trusted websites that have large networks on social media platforms. They also utilize marketing techniques to lift your content, thus generating organic followers and listeners in the process.

These websites deliver quality SC plays, followers, likes, reposts, and comments at different prices. You can choose from various packages, too but make sure the website you’re using does not employ spam accounts or bot followers for SC plays.

2. Are purchased SoundCloud plays real?

There’s no yes or no answer to this question, and that’s why it’s important to do proper research on the subject before buying SoundCloud plays.

Quality websites provide real plays with a high retention rate and do not drop after a few hours. These genuine plays from real listeners help your content reach the top ranks.

Note that they’re not fake just because your purchased play or follower drops in number after a while. Some real users will probably unsubscribe, unlike, and more when they choose to; hence, some legit companies have refill or replacement guarantees.

However, you can also get bad service if you’re not careful, and your purchased plays might be fake. Many cheap websites use spam and fake accounts to deliver low-quality, inactive user accounts.

3. Should I buy SoundCloud plays?

It all depends on your marketing strategy and budget, but in general, you should buy SoundCloud plays if you’re a new artist. There are caveats to this statement, of course. You may also need SC plays if you are an established singer on SC.

For newcomers, getting fame on such a competitive platform may seem a distant dream. In that case, you should buy these plays to boost your songs and increase your listener base.

Buying plays is just like running an ad on social media. Your content will get more views and traffic as a result.

4. Where to buy real SoundCloud plays?

Though dozens of websites offer SoundCloud likes, followers, and plays, not all are committed to quality. You should only buy these likes and plays from sites such as Stormlikes.net and Songlifty, which only give their customer the best experience.

These websites have active users in their lists, which they use to promote your content. They also have a focused approach, so your songs will only reach the audience who wants to listen to them.

The result is a permanent or long-term fan base within an enthusiastic community of music enthusiasts.

5. How to buy SoundCloud plays

If you’re intimidated by the thought of buying plays on the web, you should know that thousands of people are already doing it every day. The process is simple.

You just select a quality website, such as Stormlikes.net, that offers real SC plays and select a package of your choice.

You can choose the number of plays based on your career level. You can select a basic package with a hundred or a thousand plays if you’re an absolute beginner. If your songs are already generating good plays, you may invest more and buy thousands of plays.

Once you select your package, you’ll provide the link to your post, and that’s it. You can now checkout and pay, and the plays will start coming within minutes.

6. Do you get paid for SoundCloud plays?

If your SoundCloud music tracks are 100% original and have more than five hundred plays in the past month, you’ll get paid by SoundCloud. However, these payments are only made if the songs have been played in the countries where SoundCloud offers premium subscriptions.

That means more SoundCloud plays on your profile help generate income for you. Since you can easily buy 500 plays, you can get paid by SC for your songs.

7. Which site is best for buying SoundCloud plays?

The best site for online music promotion are the ones that are reliable, deliver on time, and are safe for your SC account. Such websites only use ethical and professional means to give your songs a boost and do not employ cheap tactics.

One such site is Stormlikes.net. They enjoy the trust of thousands of customers every month and deliver high-quality, real SoundCloud plays.

Their methods are transparent, and they only use genuine listeners who share your songs on different platforms, which further increases your audience.

8. Is buying SoundCloud plays worth it?

There is no substitute for quality and creativity, so if you’re thinking about buying SoundCloud plays for low-quality songs, you may reconsider.

Paid plays only help to boost your content if you provide value to the listeners.

If your songs are good quality, then buying SC plays will help. It’ll allow you to reach the desired audience who will cherish your music and share it with their friends.

Paying for a half-hearted effort will not be beneficial so make sure you put your heart and soul into your music and keep working hard.

9. How can I get organic plays on SoundCloud?

Creating great music takes time and effort but also requires a good marketing campaign to gain a wide audience.

You should make addictive soundtracks for your audience as a first step. After that, you can use social media and YouTube to promote your content.

Next, you can use repost chains to be discovered. Adding tags to your songs will also help a lot.

Remember, it takes time to achieve your goals, so always keep a positive mindset and keep creating new songs.

10. Are cheap SC plays fake?

There is a high possibility that cheap SoundCloud plays might come from fake accounts, but good websites do not deliver that.

Since fake plays do not help promote the content of a music artist, such websites do not get good reviews on social media and other review websites.

That’s why you need to do your own research before you make a purchase. You can take expert advice and use one of the above websites for real SoundCloud plays.

11. Can purchasing SoundCloud plays harm my account?

No, your account does not impact whether you’re getting organic or paid plays. Both types of plays are beneficial and increase traffic.

There’s no negative impact on search rankings and song positions either.

Most of the time, you only need to be paid to play at the beginning of your career or for a new song. With time, your organic traffic starts to flow. Until then, you can buy plays from a trusted website.

12. Is it legal to buy SoundCloud plays?

SoundCloud terms and conditions in this regard are vague, and there’s no explicit policy about purchasing plays.

Since the algorithm does not know if a play is paid or free, you’re well within your rights to buy SoundCloud followers, likes, and plays. There are no legal issues with purchasing plays, as no one gets any harm in the process.

That’s why dozens of websites sell SoundCloud plays for different prices. The process is the same as paid promotions and does not defy any law.

13. Is buying SC plays safe?

Safety should be your prime concern when doing any business transaction online.

Fortunately, buying SC likes and plays is completely safe when you purchase from legitimate sites. They provide secure methods of payment and do not ask for your personal information.

In case a site asks for sensitive information from you, such as your bank account number, social security number, or any other personal data, leave that site. The process does not require any such information at any stage.

All they need is your song or post link, and that’s it. The site does not even need your email address. You and your SC accounts are perfectly safe if you follow these guidelines.

14. How can I retain listeners on SC?

There is more to success than just spending money on marketing promotions and paid visitors. You can buy a play, but you cannot retain it without providing good-quality music and professional handling of your profile.

You can take these steps to retain your listener for the long term:

  • Engage with your listeners
  • Answer their comments and appreciate their feedback
  • Try to incorporate positive feedback while disregarding irrelevant criticism
  • Ask for song requests from your listeners
  • Stay active on social media and community forums such as Reddit and Quora
  • Keep updating your profile with new music