Dr. Neinstein: How This NYC Doctor Is Shaping Lives

Dr. Ryan Neinstein and team

Women are nurturers by nature, especially mothers, meaning it is rare that they make time for themselves. On the rare occasion they schedule something just for them, moms often find they can’t do it guilt-free. Therefore, in many cases, a mother’s decision to undergo plastic surgery, such as a mommy makeover, is not taken lightly.

For this reason, Dr. Ryan Neinstein and his clinic have taken it upon themselves to help mothers with their version of the traditional mommy makeover. The difference is that, unlike other plastic surgery clinics, Neinstein and his team focus on the psychological impact and helping these women regain their confidence.

Dr. Ryan Neinstein

To date, Neinstein has helped moms around the country with an alternative that gets women back to their old lives with lower recovery than traditional plastic surgery procedures.

Reasons For the Mommy Makeover

The need for the mommy makeover is a direct result of pregnancy. Pregnancy is physically demanding on a woman’s body, especially if she has had multiple pregnancies or babies simultaneously. Therefore, after nine months, many women find their body doesn’t look the same, and as a result, they no longer feel their best. After all, pregnancy usually affects the breasts, stomach, and certain areas that have changed due to weight gain or fluctuating hormones, giving women a body they find unfamiliar. A breast lift or augmentation, combined with a tummy tuck, is frequently the most popular mommy makeover procedure.

Furthermore, some women want breast reduction surgery to look and feel normal. Some mothers even opt for liposuction to smooth out and contour problem areas. Regardless of which procedures are involved, a mommy makeover can greatly change how a mom looks and can be a life-changing boost for a mom’s overall well-being.

Components of the Mommy Makeover

So, what are the components that make up the mommy makeover? The following section looks at each of the different pieces in further detail below.

Breast Augmentation

Breastfeeding and the extra hormones produced during pregnancy can result in sagginess and a loss of breast volume. Breast augmentation with lift can improve asymmetry, reverse sagging, and increase the size and volume of the breasts. The breast-lifting portion of the procedure can raise and reposition the breasts, tightening the skin and reducing the size of the darker skin surrounding the nipple.

By reshaping existing tissue and inserting breast implants, surgeons like Dr. Neinstein can alter their size and shape. Breast implants are available in various shapes, sizes, and materials, which the surgeon will further customize to meet the patient’s needs. Breast procedures can take anywhere from one to three hours.

Tummy Tuck

The tummy tuck is a procedure that addresses abdominal fat, loose skin, and separation of the abdominal muscles caused by pregnancy. This procedure gives the patient a flatter, firmer abdomen. Depending on the amount of fat and skin removed, the procedure can take one to three hours. Surgeons will make a small incision below the bikini line, tighten the abdominal muscles, perform liposuction, and pull down and remove the excess skin. The procedure will hide the scar, allowing the patient to resume wearing their favorite clothes.


To suction out excess fat, a surgeon will insert a thin tube, also known as a cannula, through incisions made near the respective area. After the surgeon removes the fat, some energy-assisted liposuction tightens the skin, which helps prevent sagginess.

Butt Lift

Although optional, some women also choose a Brazilian butt lift, which involves removing excess fat via liposuction and transferring it to the butt area. The result is additional volume and new contours.

Eliminating Self-Confidence Concerns

However, it isn’t just the outward appearance that changes a mother’s life. Many of Dr. Neinstein’s patients agree that when a mother has exhausted all efforts to improve her post-pregnancy body through a healthy diet and regular exercise, a mommy makeover may be the answer for that extra boost.

At its very foundation, how a woman sees herself greatly impacts her self-esteem. If a mother is self-conscious about her appearance, it can affect her mood and make her feel self-conscious about how she interacts with others. Moreover, when a mother is confident in her body, she is generally happier, her marriage benefits, and her relationship with her children improves.

Dr. Neinstein’s mommy makeover can hugely impact moms of all ages because it allows them to feel good in their skin again and helps correct issues they could not solve in another way.

Taking Care of Mothers Everywhere

Most mothers today want to look like they did before having children. It’s wonderful to be a mother, but women tend to put everyone else ahead of themselves. Juggling work, kids, marriage, and other aspects of life often puts getting back into shape on the back burner. Therefore, a mommy makeover procedure can be crucial to helping these achieve a tighter, younger, rejuvenated figure after a makeover, motivating them to live a healthy lifestyle to maintain their new look.

The effects of a Mommy Makeover go beyond simply allowing a woman to fit into her pre-pregnancy clothes or wear a bikini. However, a woman’s desire to look good is not selfish or vain. A mother deserves to be as fit, youthful, and toned as possible, a reality Dr. Neinstein continues to promote as a reason for these procedures being crucial for moms.

Timing it Right

Although women are ready to experience the life-changing effects of a mommy makeover immediately after their pregnancy, Dr. Neinstein’s team cautions against it. In most cases, the team’s guidance is that women interested in a mommy makeover wait at least three months after finishing breastfeeding and return to as close to their pre-pregnancy weight as possible. It takes that long for breast tissue to recover from the hormonal stimulation required to produce milk, and by then, their bodies have had enough time to heal after delivery. Women should ideally be certain that they aren’t having more children because having another pregnancy would negate many of the benefits of mommy makeover surgery.

During the initial consultation, a doctor will evaluate the patient’s health and develop a treatment plan based on her objectives. If a woman is in good health, Dr. Neinstein and his team can often address these issues in a single surgical procedure.