Tarot Card Reading in 2023: Navigate Your Destiny with Trusted Psychic Guidance


Gaining clarity and insight from a tarot card reading can help to guide you on your journey through life. From the moment each card is revealed, you will open up a world of possibilities and potential outcomes, depending on how the imagery and symbols found on each card is interpreted. The often complicated and arcane imagery of tarot cards, however, makes it crucial to find experienced readers who can accurately interpret the card’s meaning in matters of love, money, health, and work.

While many sites claim to connect people with reliable readers, the truth is that many don’t have the necessary experience to interpret the meaning of the tarot cards. Moreover, some sites are outright scams and may make customers vulnerable to fraud. 

So, is there a way to get an accurate tarot reading from an experienced psychic?

We’ve vetted countless tarot reading sites that connect users with tarot card readers to find the best ones offering reliable readings. Chosen for customer satisfaction, accurate insight, and knowledgeable readers, these sites will help you find the clarity and guidance you need for any situation.

Top 3 Tarot Reading Sites

  1. Kasamba – Best Overall Tarot Readings
  2. Keen – Best for First-Time Readings
  3. Mysticsense – Best for Love & Relationship Readings

Detailed Reviews of the Best Tarot Reading Sites

1. Kasamba – Best Tarot Readings


  • Highly-rated readers with years of experience
  • Multiple tarot services
  • Psychics accessible 24/7
  • Secure payment platform

Kasamba Overview

From tarot to fortune telling to dream analysis, the professional, knowledgeable psychics at Kasamba can help anyone get the answers they seek right from the comfort of their own home. Using advanced technologies to match individuals to the perfect medium for their needs, Kasamba promises to provide the most accurate readings possible – or your money back.

About Kasamba Tarot Readings

Kasamba’s comprehensive tarot card reading services cover topics from love and relationships to career advice. Whether it’s traditional tarot decks or specialized readings with Angel cards or Celtic Cross, Kasamba’s readers have the experience and skills to interpret the meanings behind the tarot cards, delivering trustworthy guidance and sound advice.

What makes Kasamba so popular is the deep connection it fosters between its readers and their clients. Its intuitive matching system helps people find the psychic they need, and its secure payment platform lets users feel confident and safe when booking a psychic session.

How It Works

To get your tarot cards read on Kasamba, users simply need to create an account and enter their preferred payment method. After verification, users can select filters to help them find the right professional among Kasamba’s extensive network.

Each professional reader’s profile comes complete with reviews, ratings, areas of expertise, and pricing. Clicking on a reader will expand their profile with more information as well as ways to request a reading.

Users can opt for a live chat session charged by the minute or an offline session at a set price. Both sessions are facilitated through the site’s encrypted platform, so there is no need to share personal contact information with your reader.

For the first reading of tarot cards, the initial three minutes are always a free tarot reading and the site offers a satisfaction guarantee with hassle-free refunds if you don’t find your first tarot session accurate.

Why We Chose Kasamba

With 24/7 access to knowledgeable mediums, psychics, and clairvoyants able to read and interpret the deepest, hidden meanings behind all types of decks including their Major Arcana as well as Minor Arcana cards, Kasamba is the best site to get accurate, reliable insights. Plus, with guaranteed matches to suit your unique needs, there is no doubt that you will get the most out of Kasamba’s tarot services.

Visit Kasamba to learn more

2. Keen – Best for First Time Readings


  • Special first-reading discounts
  • Excellent customer service support
  • Call, chat, and email reading options
  • Desktop & mobile app versions


  • Refunds must be requested within 72 hours of the tarot reading

Keen Overview

A psychic network operating since 1999, Keen is dedicated to connecting people with the right psychic or tarot reader for their needs. They carefully screen every individual in their network to ensure that only experienced and gifted readers are recommended. With psychic services extending far beyond cartomancy, clients can get cosmic insight into any aspect of their life in a comprehensive, easy-to-use platform.

About Keen Tarot Readings

Knowing what the past, present, and future may mean to your life is invaluable – but there does need to be a limit. For skeptics, first-time clients, and anyone unsure about tarot, Keen offers excellent discounts for their first-time readings.

Keen has a variety of readers with different tarot cards and specialties, so it’s easy to find the one that works best for your situation. The psychic network also offers several ways to connect – by phone, chat, or email – depending on how you want to engage.

Both the website and mobile app are laid out clearly and provide detailed information on each reader, with reviews, ratings, and pricing. In addition, Keen also has a customer service team available 24/7 for any questions or concerns about a paid session.

How It Works

Like many other physic websites, your journey to hidden cosmic knowledge starts by creating a free Keen profile. By filling out details such as your name, payment methods, and connection preferences (chat or call), the website will tailor a list of readers that fit your needs.

Clicking on any reader’s profile will bring up more information about them, including their areas of specialization and any reviews they’ve received. After selecting a reader, customers can decide on the session length and enter their preferred payment method.

As part of Keen’s commitment to customer service, clients unsatisfied with their readings can receive a site credit towards their next session. This means first-time clients can find exactly what they’re looking for without worrying about the expense.

Why We Chose Keen

Trust is an integral part of the tarot experience, and Keen ensures that first-time clients get the most accurate readings from experienced readers. Additionally, the vetting process used by Keen ensures clients only receive the highest quality readings. 

Visit Keen to learn more

3. Mysticsense – Best for Love & Relationship Readings


  • Astrological love & romance experts
  • Call, chat, and video sessions
  • Detailed psychic bios & reviews
  • Satisfaction guarantee on all readings


  • Tarot reading service may not be available through all methods of communication

Mysticsense Overview

An astrology site dedicated to helping people find love and spiritual guidance, Mysticsense is a well-respected psychic network with years of experience in the industry. With tons of free and paid services, clients can access the universe’s secrets through tarot, numerology predictions, horoscopes, and more.

About Mysticsense Tarot Readings

At Mysticsense, tarot psychics are a network specialty – with many of their experts specializing in love and relationship readings. All readers of tarot cards come with detailed bios and customer reviews, so clients can make an informed decision before connecting with them.

On the site, customers have access to a variety of tarot decks and readers – each one specializing in a particular aspect of relationships, such as cheating spouses, lost loves, future partners, and more.

Tarot readers on the site have a huge satisfaction rate among the thousands of daily customers. Vetted for abilities, professionalism, and accuracy, Mysticsense guarantees quality readings for every customer.

How It Works

Once you’ve created an account on the website and chosen a reader from their expansive list of experts, customers can decide how they’d like to connect – by phone, chat, email, or video. Each option is clearly laid out with pricing details, so clients know exactly what they’re getting before they decide.

Once connected with a reader, customers can choose the length of their reading and provide any other details to help the reader better serve them.

All readings are covered by the site’s satisfaction guarantee. To ensure you’ve found the right reader to answer your most burning questions, Mysticsense offers a free five-minute session with the first psychic you choose.

Why We Chose Mystic Sense

The ability to have specific questions about love and relationships answered is invaluable, and Mysticsense offers this with their tried and tested network of vetted tarot readers. With a satisfaction guarantee on all readings, customers can be sure to get the most accurate guidance for whatever relationship challenges they may be facing.

Visit Mysticsense to learn more

How We Decided On Our 3 Top Tarot Reading Sites

To form a base universe of acceptable services, we looked for tarot card reading sites that were reputable, secure, and transparent about their services. We also looked for sites with positive customer reviews, a wide variety of readers to choose from, quality assurance procedures in place, and a satisfaction guarantee policy.

The final steps in our process involved verifying the user-friendliness of the website, its customer service, and site security to ensure that all customers have an enjoyable and safe experience when using the site.

After all was said and done, we didn’t need the tarot cards to reveal the best sites to get a reading. With the three reviewed above, anyone seeking guidance and answers to their most pressing questions will surely get the help they need.

What To Consider When Looking for a Tarot Card Reading

A lot of people know they want their tarot cards read, but many don’t know how to ensure an authentic, accurate experience. While knowing where to go can help cut through scammers and fakes, there are a few other considerations to keep in mind that ensure you’re getting the best tarot reading possible.

Type of tarot deck

Knowing the type of tarot deck you want your reading done with will be critical to an insightful and revealing experience. The Waite tarot deck can be considered the traditional tarot deck and is the most commonly used, representing the traditional interpretations rooted in centuries of history.

While the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana cards (or the court cards) of the Waite tarot deck will reveal plenty of helpful information, there are also countless other variations to explore, each one with its own nuanced interpretations and meanings.

For example, angel card decks provide an even more spiritual interpretation to readings. In contrast, others, such as Lenormand cards or Oracle decks, can be used to provide knowledge about daily, physical world activities.

By understanding the type of tarot deck you need to answer your specific questions, you can better choose a reader capable of giving you the answers you seek.

Tarot reading style

As with any psychic counseling session, there can be variations in how individual tarot readers interpret and deliver information. Some may use more vivid imagery to bring your readings to life, while others may provide a no-frills approach that yields straightforward advice.

While you may not yet know how you want advice and guidance from the reading delivered to you, and you may not be familiar with a standard tarot deck much less the Minor Arcana and Major Arcana cards, it is best to choose a reader that you feel can best support your needs and provide the clarity you seek.

The right reader can deliver answers to your most pressing questions and imbue them with empowering insight and guidance that will help you make the best decisions for yourself and your loved ones. Therefore, it is important to find a reader who resonates with you on a spiritual level before booking a session.

Your intentions

All psychic activities are channeled and realized through our intentions. Reading tarot is no different, so what we bring to our session is of utmost importance.

For this reason, it is vital to choose a reader whose abilities match your intentions. Some readers possess clairvoyant abilities that make them better for reading your future, while others have medium abilities that can help you better communicate and resolve past issues or traumas.

Fortunately, sites like the ones above always provide detailed descriptions and reviews of each reader, so you can always find one whose expertise and skills best match your intentions.

Preferred communication method

Not everyone wants to chat; others require more detail than what may be included in an email or text message. Therefore, when looking for a tarot counseling session, search for those who provide the communication method that best suits your needs.

For example, some readers may offer phone readings, allowing for more detailed conversations and seriously profound interpretations. Others may be better suited for text or email messaging if you want to quickly receive a reading without getting too in-depth or spending a lot of time on the phone.

Secure payment platform

Unfortunately, with all the scams and frauds out there, it is important to ensure you are getting your reading from a reputable source. Therefore, you should always check to ensure that any site offering psychic services has a secure payment platform and verifiable customer service contacts.

To be on the extra safe side, look for sites using their own communication tools and software. This will keep you from having to share your personal contact information with a stranger and keep your PayPal or credit card information safe.

Remember that reading tarot isn’t just about seeking answers and insight; it is also about finding the reader who can provide you with the best experience. By taking all of the considerations above into account, you can find a tarot reader that both resonates with you and allows for an authentic and accurate reading.

Benefits of a Tarot Card Reading

Much of the mysticism surrounding tarot cards is the result of their power to help us gain clarity and insight. By using these cards, we can better access our intuition to make life decisions that will benefit us in the long run.

This makes a reading of tarot cards an excellent tool for self-healing and personal growth. A tarot session can help you discover your true potential, uncover hidden issues and conflicts, get clarity on a situation or decision, and gain insight into yourself.

In fact, research shows that this boosted self-awareness works wonders for helping people cope with tragic events, learn to trust their intuition, speak about their feelings, and become more mindful of their actions.

But the wellbeing benefits extend far beyond increasing self-awareness. With over a quarter of adults in the USA identifying as spiritual but not religious, tarot’s inclusive and multicultural aspects can help people find comfort in their spiritual practices, no matter their background.

For many, this means finding an accepting and nurturing environment where exploring the unknown is supported, valued, and celebrated. It’s a chance for them to express themselves without fear or judgment – a critical aspect of growth and healing.

Finally, tarot benefits the creative side of our brains, too. As we explore the many symbols of the Major Arcana, Minor Arcana and other tarot cards, practice visualizations, and hone our intuition, we can find ourselves growing and developing in ways that weren’t imaginable before we started reading. This often leads to an increased capacity for self-expression through art, music, and writing.

Ultimately, tarot is a way for people to understand and access the hidden depths of the universe and their personal journey within it. As one of the most powerful tools of self-discovery in the psychic world, its ability to bring comfort, clarity, and connection is truly remarkable.

What Questions Should You Ask During a Tarot Reading?

Because intention is so important to get the most out of your tarot session, it’s best to create a short list of related questions ahead of time. This will help you focus on the big picture items most important to your interpretation and avoid getting lost in small details. Check out our advice for the best questions to ask your tarot reader.

Questions about love

Love is an incredibly complex topic, and tarot sessions can help us discover more about our relationships, romantic or otherwise. Questions like “What do I need to know about my current relationship?” or “How can I make better decisions in my love life?” can provide valuable insight into the current state of your heart.

Remember to take special note if a Major Arcana card such as The Lovers or Two of Cups comes up in your reading. Major Arcana cards can provide a deeper understanding of the emotional and spiritual aspects of love, helping to guide you on your journey.

Questions about career

If you’re feeling stuck in some aspect of your career, tarot is an excellent tool for exploring potential solutions. Questions like “What steps can I take to improve my career?” or “Which direction should I go in to reach my goals?” can help you gain clarity and confidence as you explore your professional future.

The Minor Arcana can often provide more insight into career matters than its Major counterpart. These cards represent the stages of work we put into our lives, careers included, and the presence of these Minor Arcana cards can help us understand the day-to-day effort it takes to make progress in our lives.

Questions about life path

Not every tarot session needs to be specific. Some people just want to understand the bigger picture of their lives, how they fit into the world, and their purpose. Questions like “What do I need to know about my life path?” or “How can I better honor my soul’s journey?” are open-ended and perfect for exploring these more profound topics.

The Major Arcana is home to some of tarot’s most powerful and insightful cards. When consulting questions about life paths, the Major Arcana card collection can provide an excellent source of wisdom and guidance.

Questions about health

Tarot sessions can also provide insight into our physical health, and questions like “What do I need to know about my physical well-being?” or “How can I bring more balance to my life?” are perfect for exploring these topics.

The Minor Arcana is often a great place to start when consulting questions about health. Many of these cards provide a detailed look at the everyday habits we use to create balance or disrupt it in our lives. The presence of certain Minor Arcana cards can help us gain a better understanding of the areas of our life that could benefit from some extra care and attention.

Questions about money

The most commonly asked questions during a tarot session revolve around money and finances. While generic questions like “Am I going to come into more money?” can be useful, it’s best to use the tarot deck as a tool for gaining insight and understanding. 

Questions like “How can I improve my relationship with money?” or “What do I need to know about my financial future?” are much better at providing the insight you need to make better decisions in this area.

The Major Arcana and Minor Arcana cards are excellent sources of insight when consulting money-related questions. Minor Arcana cards can help you understand the day-to-day financial habits that affect your bottom line. At the same time, the Major Arcana tarot cards can provide a more expansive view of material and spiritual wealth.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is a free tarot session worth it?

A free tarot reading can provide valuable insight into your current situation, but it won’t be as comprehensive as a paid reading. However, if you’re just looking for some basic guidance and want to save some money, a free reading can provide an excellent starting point.

2. How do I know if my tarot reading is accurate?

The accuracy of any tarot reading depends on the individual reader. Therefore, it’s important to choose a reader who has been well-trained and experienced, as this will help ensure that your interpretation of the cards is accurate and useful. You can also check online reviews for potential readers to understand their skills before you book a session.

3. Can I ask for more time during an initial free tarot reading?

After the minutes of a free tarot reading have passed, clients must purchase time to continue their session. If the reader’s call rates are too high for your budget, consider more affordable tarot divination via email or text.

4. Does tarot work?

Tarot divinations are based on intuition and provide insight into your life, so the answer to this question really depends on each individual’s beliefs. However, many people find tarot sessions helpful when it comes to understanding their current situation and making better decisions moving forward.

5. What is the French Magus, and is it a significant card?

The French Magus is the first card in the Major Arcana, and it can represent beginnings or a new cycle of life. It often symbolizes potential, opportunity, and the power behind manifestation. This card can be incredibly meaningful in matters of self-development, creativity, and spiritual growth.

6. What is the best way to get a free tarot reading?

Signing up for a site that offers free minutes for your first-time session is the best way to get a free reading. These sessions can cover many topics and provide valuable insight into your life. Additionally, you can look for online deals that offer discounted readings from experienced tarot readers.

Start Your Journey to Growth With Tarot

Whether it’s to gain insight into your current life situation, ask for help in making a big decision, or to prepare for what lies ahead, a tarot reading can be incredibly beneficial for our physical and emotional wellbeing.

But to get an accurate clairvoyant assessment, selecting a psychic with the right knowledge and experience is vital. Only by selecting readers from the sites above can you be sure you’re using professionals who can interpret the universe’s intentions to understand better how the past, present, and future may affect your life.

And don’t forget that tarot isn’t the only way to explore the unknown. There are many other divination techniques to consider, from crystal healing and rune stones to meditation. With a bit of research and open-mindedness, you combine the power of tarot with the right insights to start your journey to growth.

Summary of the Best Tarot Card Reading Sites

  1. Kasamba – Best Tarot Readings
  2. Keen – Best for First-Time Readings
  3. Mysticsense – Best for Love & Relationship Readings