PHOENIX - Pete Carroll is letting Richard Sherman make the call.

Asked what the Seahawks plan to do if Sherman's girlfriend goes into labor on Super Bowl Sunday, Carroll stressed the importance of family.

"Well, that's up to Richard," Carroll said during yesterday's joint media conference with Patriots coach Bill Belichick. "He knows that he has an opportunity to face a great decision. Whenever our players have a personal family issue that comes up, it's always about the family first and they have to decide what's best for them, and I support that."

Sherman said his girlfriend, Ashley Moss, is due sometime in the coming week."However he goes with that -- if he's faced with that decision -- we'll support that," Carroll said. "We'll see how that goes. Wish him luck."

Then he joked: "Can't wait to see little Petey."

Moss, who is in Arizona, told Seattle's NBC affiliate that Sherman will play in Super Bowl XLIX, but if she goes into labor tomorrow, he'll be out the door before the confetti hits the turf.

Moss said she is not expecting to deliver the baby -- already determined to be a boy -- until after the game. But if she does?

"I guess we'll have a Super Bowl baby," she said. "And if you see Richard heading for the locker room right after it hits 0:00 in the fourth quarter, don't be surprised."

With Tom Rock