Minor league game time cut 20 minutes with pitch clocks

MCU Park, the home of the minor leagues Brooklyn Cyclones.
MCU Park, the home of the Brooklyn Cyclones.
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Minor league games averaged 2 hours, 39 minutes in the first three days with a pitch clock, down 20 minutes from the prior average this season.

Major League Baseball said Tuesday that the 132 games with a clock averaged 5.11 runs and 15.9 hits, close to the average of 5.13 runs and 16.1 hits for the 335 games without a clock.

The pitch clock enforcement began Friday and data with the clock included games through Sunday.

Time between pitches during a plate appearance was cut from 21.5 seconds to 19.7 seconds, and time between batters was lowered from 43 seconds to 39.7.

As part of the March 10 memorandum of understanding for a new collective bargaining agreement, a committee composed of six management officials, four union representatives and one umpire has the right to make on-field rules changes with 45 days’ notice.

Among the changes MLB is considering proposing for next season are a 14-second pitch clock with no runners, a 19-second pitch clock with runners, limits on defensive shifts and use of larger bases.