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A beginner's guide to boxing in 5 moves

Get your gloves on! Undefeated champ Heather "The Heat" Hardy takes us through five basic boxing moves.

The jab

Photo Credit: Linda Rosier

"The most important punch in boxing is done with your lead hand and sets up combinations, and power shots."

The right body shot

Photo Credit: Linda Rosier

"My favorite! Slip the jab, and dig around to the body."

The slip

Photo Credit: Linda Rosier

"It's used to move your head out of the way from a punch that's coming. Proper slipping puts you in a good position to counterpunch."

The overhand right

Photo Credit: Linda Rosier

"A sweeping right hand, instead of going straight to the face. It arcs up and punches down. It's an effective shot to throw at someone taller than you. Stab a left hand to the body and come up with the overhand right."

The basic 1-2

Photo Credit: Linda Rosier

"A jab, followed by a straight right. Tap the head back with the fast jab to set up the powerful right hand that comes in quick -- before the person you're hitting even recovers from the first punch."


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