Caesars Sportsbook promo kicks off January with big bonuses

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Caesars Sportsbook promo
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The holidays have come and gone and as the calendar has turned to 2022, there is a Caesars Sportsbook promo that will give prospective bettors a boost to start the new year. This Caesars Sportsbook promo includes a free bet match that pays out a bonus win or lose, although there are a plethora of additional offers for users who register for an account.

Prospective bettors who register for a sportsbook account can get in on the action with the latest Caesars Sportsbook promo that gives players a Free Bet of up to $1,001. This Free Bet will match a user’s first real-money wager on a market with -200 odds or longer up to $1,001.

This week’s action includes Week 18 of the NFL regular season, which will lock in the playoff matchups that will begin in one week. There are a multitude of NBA and NHL games to wager on in pro sports, while college basketball fans will have no shortage of options throughout the week. This Caesars Sportsbook promo can be applied to any game’s market with -200 or longer odds.

Click on your state in the list above and use promo code AMNYRF to get a $1,001 free bet match as part of this Caesars Sportsbook promo.

Caesars Sportsbook promo includes $1,001 free bet match

This week’s best Caesars Sportsbook promo offers any new user who signs up for an account a free bet match of up to $1,001. This free bet match issues a Free Bet that matches a user’s first real-money wager on a market with -200 or longer odds up to $1,001. What differentiates this offer from a risk-free bet is that it pays out a Free Bet win or lose. That means if a bettor were to wager $900 on the Los Angeles Chargers (-150) to beat the Las Vegas Raiders (+130), the user would earn a $900 Free Bet regardless of the Sunday Night Football game’s outcome.

Keep in mind that while this Caesars Sportsbook promo does not limit bets to a specific sport or league, only bets on markets with odds of -200 or longer will qualify. That means that if a bettor wants to wager on a heavy favorite, they might have to wager on a point spread if the moneyline odds don’t qualify.

Other promos this week

There are a number of promos available for this week’s action, including a free NBA jersey, a risk-free same game parlay, and a total pointage bonus.

NBA jersey promo

Any Caesars Sportsbook user can earn the NBA jersey of their choice just for betting on NBA games. Bettors who place at least $100 on NBA markets with odds of -200 or longer can get a $150 NBA store gift card, which can be used when purchasing an NBA jersey. The $100 threshold is a cumulative total that can be reached by placing a single $100+ wager or multiple smaller wagers that total $100 or more. 

Risk-free same game parlay

Check back later in the week for what will likely be an NFL Week 18 same game parlay offer on Saturday and/or Sunday matchups. Any user who places a same game parlay of three or more legs with +300 odds or longer can get up to $25 back in a Free Bet if the bet loses.

How to take advantage of this Caesars Sportsbook promo

Any prospective sports bettor interested in earning a bonus of up to $1,001 win or lose can do so by signing up for this Caesars Sportsbook promo. The process of signing up only takes a few minutes.

  • Click on your state in the list above or below and use promo code AMNYRF to get started.
  • Complete the registration process by filling in any required information.
  • Make your first deposit, keeping in mind that you can get a dollar-for-dollar match on your first real-money wager of up to $1,001.
  • Place your first wager on any market with odds of -200 or longer. 

You will receive a Free Bet of up to $1,001 once your first bet settles. This bonus will be paid out regardless of whether your first bet settles as a win or a loss.

Get a free bet match of up to $1,001 with this Caesars Sportsbook promo when you sign up via your state’s link in the list below and use promo code AMNYRF.

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